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What They Said: Transcripts from Tuesday's interviews with Buffalo Bills' Brown, Graham, Watkins, Wood and Aaron Williams

LB Preston Brown

Q: Do you feel that some players didn’t give it their all this year?

A: I can’t say that people didn’t give it their all, I don’t know what’s going on with them. I know everybody’s trying to make things work. I don’t think it’s something to do with effort, I think guys are trying it’s just … guys just have to buy in to the system. We don’t know how good we could have been because everybody wasn’t doing what they were supposed to do on each play so, we can’t go around saying it’s the scheme or everybody’s not playing with effort. I think it’s just mentally everybody wasn’t there.

Q: Can you use these last two games as a springboard for next year?

A: Definitely. It’s something that we have to handle. We have to understand that everybody has to be working as one and we haven’t done that this year. Everybody has been kind of doing their own agenda on our side of the ball so it’s something that we need to get covered and handle these last couple games and carry on years down the road.

Q: Why do you think the defense fragmented?

A: I’m not sure. I mean everybody keeps saying that last year you guys were a top four defense … I mean, everybody is still thinking about last year. We have to get over that. It’s not last year. Guys are still thinking,” oh we did this last year”, well we’re not doing it this year. We understand that we’re doing a different scheme with a different system and it works if everybody does it the same way.

Q: Did that catch you by surprise that that was the approach by some guys?

A: Definitely. It seems like those guys who have been here longer have been rotating our defensive coordinators each and every year and they finally thought they found something that worked. That was their best year overall, so that was just something that they thought was working and we just didn’t do some of the same things we did last year but we have to understand that we all did what we were supposed to do. We would have had success no matter what we were doing because we have the talent around defense.

S Corey Graham

Q: Would you agree with Rex (Ryan’s) comment that you guys lacked confidence?

A: No. I would hope not. I don’t think guys lack confidence. It’s the NFL, you’re going to have good days, and you’re going to have bad days. Those guys made more plays than we did and they won the game.

Q: Is there any reason as to why he would say that?

A: I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure he probably watched the film two or three times. So that’s his assessment of things. I don’t know, maybe somebody said something to him on the sideline or he heard somebody talking on the sideline. I mean it could have been one person that said something and all of a sudden it may not sound right to him so, that could be why he said some guys lack confidence. I know for sure I didn’t so I couldn’t tell you about what other guys lacked or anything like that. I mean, that’s how it’s going to be. When you have bad days out there, guys making plays and you’re not making plays, obviously it’s not going to look good. That’s just how things are in the league, you have to go out there continue to do your job and make plays. And when you don’t, things like this are going to happen.

Q: Did you feel that practice did not translate onto the field?

A: Yeah. I mean, when you’re not making plays, obviously that’s not the way you draw it up. I mean everything’s drawn up in practice for you to go out there and make plays and stop what they’re doing. When they’re out there completing everything and doing whatever they want obviously things don’t go the way that you want. So, things didn’t go the way we planned. We had a game plan to go out there and execute, and we didn’t execute well. Those guys went out there and executed everything they wanted to. I mean they were in position to make plays, they made the plays.

WR Sammy Watkins

Q: Rex said yesterday he agreed with you holding them accountable, do you still feel that way?

A: Like I said I think we got a great team and staff. We had did some great things but for us to get over that hump I think it starts with the players. We can’t sit here and blame a particular group, or particular person. That is not what the NFL is about. We got to fix the problem and hopefully we do.

Q: When is the last time you guys met together as just players, and have you shared your message?

A: It was the Kansas City game. Me, Tyrod [Taylor] and a couple of defensive players got together but for the whole group, nobody, we haven’t come forth and you know what I mean talk to the team and things like that. And like I said you get the coaches to step up and talk but we need some players to step and talk. Maybe myself one day. That is what we need. I think it is a player’s driven team and that is how we got to treat it.

Q: Do you think that message was heard between Sunday and now?

A: I don’t know how many guys watch interviews and stuff like that, hopefully it was. I mean we know as a team what we have to do. It is sad because we kind of waited too late to correct things. Hopefully next year when we do our evaluation after the year we can talk over things with Rex [Ryan] and the GM, and the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator we can get everything handled.

S Aaron Williams

Q: If you don’t get the chance to play this year, is that going to linger with you all off-season?

A: No, not at all. I’m going to be back next year, there no ifs, ands, or buts about it. That’s just my mental state and that’s just what I really believe in. Rex (Ryan) is giving me this time to really get my neck to heal and I actually have more time to have it heal and let it rest. By the time OTA’s and minicamp next year I’ll be back.

Q: But maybe you truly won’t know until training camp?

A: Yeah, truly won’t know until the first day of full pads and do contact.

Q: What do you think when you watch these games and see this defense struggle?

A: There’s a lot of things that we need to go over during the film. Kind of just see what we did wrong. Felt like we came out sluggish when we first started off and then as the game kept going on I felt like we got into a little rhythm and it started coming back and then … just the miscommunication sometimes in our defensive side, the back end kind of miscues us but the best thing we can do is just look through the film and be ready for Dallas.

C Eric Wood

Q: How do you feel about the TV, where is it going to go?

A: I am not sure yet. I guess I will bring it down to Louisville, we are set up here. But nice gesture by Tyrod [Taylor], kind of just reinforces what I feel about him. That he just gets it man, he understands the game, he understands being a quarterback, he understands his role with us. And really nice gesture of him.

Q: What are you looking at in these last two games to use as a springboard for next year?

A: You know I think we have taken a step forward this year as an o-line. Continue that, continue improving. Want to keep getting better on offense. We have been able to do some things, especially in the run game that I am proud of. But keep improving and I believe in carry over from year to year. Years that we have finished the season strong the previous one I think we have started better the next year and I do believe in that.

Q: How much do you have to hold the locker room together with people questioning the scheme and things like that?

A: Yeah we want to come out as a team, we want to play together. Guys have questioned the scheme pretty much all year but as far as practice and everything else goes the effort has been there and that hasn’t been an issue. Hopefully that will continue this week.

Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

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