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Vic Carucci's hot read: Bills give pathetic effort on the way to playoff elimination

LANDOVER, Md. -- Here are some quick thoughts on the Buffalo Bills' 35-25 loss against the Washington Redskins Sunday:

* Rex Ryan promised his team wouldn't quit. He lied. On the way to officially eliminating themselves from postseason contention for the 16th consecutive season, the Bills gave a pathetic effort, especially on defense. There was no point in this game where it even felt as if the Bills would be able to stop Kirk Cousins and the Redskins' offense, which produced touchdowns on its first three possessions. Cousins is a solid starter, but the Bills made him look like an absolute superstar.

* On Wednesday, Ryan talked about the Bills' having a "pulse" and that they were going to "go for it." He apparently showed a noticeable edge during a production meeting with the FOX Sports broadcast crew, supposedly indicating that he had his players ready to show the same attitude on the field. That never came close to being the case. Final score notwithstanding, a solid argument could be made that the players quit on their coach. The Bills looked incredibly flat through the first half. That has to be a major concern considering Ryan hasn't even gotten through his first season with the team.

* It's hard to imagine that the Bills falling short of Ryan's promises of a playoff appearance and a better defense than the fourth-ranked unit of last year would put him on any sort of hot seat ... especially with four years left on his contract after this season. But something is going to give. Owner Terry Pegula has to be pretty disgusted, and he is going to seek answers from his coach and from GM Doug Whaley.

* It was a sad defensive display for the Bills in every respect. The Bills generated almost no pressure and their coverage was non-existent. They also did a horrific job of tackling, another in a line of season-long problems for the team.

* The Bills' offense showed small flashes of life in the second half, but was over-matched against the Redskins' big, powerful defensive line. That was never more evident than late in the first half when the Bills couldn't get in the end zone after five attempts (counting a penalty) from the Washington 1-yard line.

* The offensive play-calling was as bizarre as usual. There were two calls that incorporated EJ Manuel at quarterback for runs. The first picked up a first down, but the second was for a loss. The Bills waited far too long to try to dial up downfield shots to Sammy Watkins. The Redskins' secondary is strong and provided tight coverage, but Tyrod Taylor still should have been making more use of that big passing arm of his -- particularly in the first half. Taylor consistently held the ball too long and alternately was running too soon or throwing too soon.

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