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Reporters’ Notebook

OLAF FUB SEZ: A thought from golf legend Walter Hagen, born in Rochester on this date in 1892, “No one remembers who came in second.”


Wish List

Everyone has different ideas

For things they wish they had.

Wouldn’t it be really nice

If there was a way for us to be glad.

How do we accomplish this

In a world filled with strife?

There has to be a way

To bring joy into everyday life.

So many different things

That people always wish for.

They are just material goods

That could be bought in any store.

Sit back and think

What you’d like on your list.

Is there something

That could help us all co-exist?

To wish for something

That will truly make us see.

One small interaction

Makes our world a better place to be.

There is a very simple thing

That everyone can do.

It’s not that hard to figure out.

Do you need another clue?

A choice that tops the list

Has been thought about for a while.

The greatest wish that one could have

Is to give the world a smile.

– Nelson R. Locher


REVOLUTION REVISITED – A pair of Great Courses videos from the series, “From Monet to Van Gogh: A History of Impressionism,” will be the holiday week offering in the weekly IMAGINE Buffalo lunchtime lecture series Tuesday in the Ring of Knowledge on the main floor of the Central Library on Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo.

A segment entitled “The First Exhibition” will be shown at noon, followed by a discussion at 12:30 p.m. and a second segment, “Monet and Renoir in Argenteuil,” at 12:45. The program is held in conjunction with the current exhibit, “Monet and the Impressionist Revolution, 1860-1910,” at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

Admission is free. You can bring a lunch or purchase one at the library’s Fables Cafe. The series is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History & Nature.


NO WRAPPING REQUIRED – What’s the best gift of all? The American Red Cross has the answer – the gift of life, a donation of blood or platelets during the holiday season. It’s a time when donations usually decline and plenty of times are open for donor appointments.

“To the parents of a child going through cancer treatment or the family of an accident victim, that is a priceless gift,” says Cara Leyna Noble, spokeswoman for the Red Cross New York-Penn Blood Services Region.

Donors of all blood types, especially AB, O, A negative and B negative, are needed, as well as platelet donors. Those who give between Wednesday and Jan. 3 also will receive a gift in return, a long-sleeve Red Cross T-shirt, while supplies last. Appointments can be made by calling toll-free (800) RED CROSS (733-2767) or visit


HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Christine Lewandowski, Thomas Burton, Sandy Carrubba, Emily Roderick Oprea, Cathleen Rodis, Nicole Safe, Dennis Kless, Doug Mueller, Rickles English, Joe Graham, Stefanie Baxter, Irene Glinski and Lauren Snyder.

AND TUESDAY – Becky Avino, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Irwin Pate, Joy Testa-Cinquino, Jorge Gonzalez, Todd Kranacko, Kaitlin Hoffman, Carol Sholley, Heidi Bugenhagen Urban, Pam Bugenhagen Lindstrom, Emmy Lou Hess, Donna Recktenwalt, Larry Graner, William Robert Yeates, Judy Hurley, James Shimskey, Carol Wannemacher, Sandy Pelino, Jennifer Kibler and Diane Benker.