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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Baer Road, Isabelle Miller; Carl Robichaud to Christopher Pasquale; Victoria Pasquale, $243,500.

• Lockport Road, Dawn M. Miller; Raymond R. Miller to James S. Scarfone, $120,000.

• 3009 Ridge Road, County of Niagara New York to Christopher J. Coyle; Jacquelyn M. Coyle, $44,000.


• Quaker Road, Gail S. Hamilton; Mark R. Hamilton to Paul D. Mccollum; Shelley S. Mccollum, $250,000.

• Ridge Road, Mary P. Collins; William C. Greeson to Donald Bucholz; Hannah Bucholz, $235,000.

• Checkered Tavern Road, Katherine M. Ginty; Robert J. Ginty to James M. Murray; Jessica M. Murray, $132,500.

LEWISTON Highest price: $355,675 Average price: $138,042 Median price: $135,000 Number of Sales: 9

• 4701 Curtis Ct North, Joanne Kinney; William H. Kinney to Mellon Bank of New York; GSC Alternative Loan Trust, $355,675.

• Elliott Drive, Timothy Glasure to Sheila M. Flynn, $172,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Cara M. Morse; Kevin D. Morse to Daniel P. Uebler, $164,800.

• Kenwood Drive, Marcy R. Gentz; Marcy R. Mcclemont to Nicholas William Zucco, $152,000.

• Harper Drive, Kathryn E. Nagelhout; George A. Wood to Joseph A. Allen, $135,000.

• 5818 Griffin St., Catherine Martha; Marianna M. Obrien to Tracey Blank, $124,900.

• 665 Scovell Drive, Steve K. Zimmer to Maria Jowdy; Vincent Jowdy, $75,500.

• 5933 Garlow Road, County of Niagara New York to Gerald Ciccarelli; Julie Ciccarelli, $56,000.

• Washington Drive, County of Niagara New York to Tracy Gillick; Robert Quarantillo, $6,500.


• 340 Green St., Ronald S. Folmar to Bronze Creek Title Trust, $147,898.

• Willow St., John R. Aiken; Lois M. Aiken; Lisa Ann Stearns; Matthew Stearns to Carol A. Princess; Edwin W. Princess, $112,500.

• Willow St., Philip B. Haylett to Ethan J. Randall, $109,500.

• Mccue Ave & Irving St., Joan B. Smith; Robert G. Smith to Michelle L. Carson; Dennis M. Fiegel, $84,690.

• Walnut St., Adam C. Wertman to Phillip B. Lane; Stephanie Lane, $84,000.

• Saxton St., Douglas F. Zimmerman to Charles G. Behe; Jacqueline M. Behe, $48,556.

• South Transit St., Richard C. Wilson to Dominic. Napoleone, $20,600.


• 7191 Lincoln Ave. Ext, Jennifer M. Rice; Timothy J. Rice to Pearl Griffin; Adam C. Wertman, $246,000.

• Leete Road, Terra L. Owen to Anthony J. Lorusso, $230,000.

• 6332 Green Valley Lane, Shir N. Waziri to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, $197,745.

• Old Akron Road & Bowmiller Road, Connie M. Zimicki; David J. Zimicki to Justin M. Israel; Susan E. Israel, $175,000.

• Bartz Road, David Bellomo; Leah Bellomo to Nicole Meerbooth; Paul C. Meerbooth Jr., $172,500.

• Fieldcrest Drive, Kenneth H. Mcnitt; Sherry M. Silcox to Joshua J. Garis; Kimberly R. Garis, $135,000.

• Rapids Road & Tonawanda Creek Road, Deborah J. Centofanti; Deborah J. Hastings to Richard C. Latona; Stephen A. Latona, $85,500.


• 44 South Vernon St., Susan Barrett; Susan E. Barrett to Wells Fargo Bank, $86,446.

NEWFANE Highest price: $221,498 Average price: $105,600 Median price: $116,000 Number of Sales: 8

• 2754 South Main St., Kevin Kelly to Fannie Mae, $221,498.

• Hess Road, Kelli Fudella to Chad R. Yenchochic; Danielle R. Yenchochic, $134,000.

• Ridge Road, Katherine Minutella; Matthew J. Pollack to Amanda Fisher; Kenneth Fisher, $130,100.

• 7078 Ridge Road, Michael Licinio; Tracy Oshea Licinio to Christina E. Coon; James S. Malkinski, $116,000.

• West Creek Road, Barbara J. Smith to Michael E. Bishop, $113,900.

• Wallace Ave., Bouwe Bajema; Katharina Bajema to Amanda N. Seward; Joshua A. Seward, $72,000.

• Transit Road, Joanne L. Lindemann; Ronald Lindemann to Solar Energy Properties, $42,500.

• Transit Road, Vega Sanchez Hernandez to Raymond D. Mangan; Rose M. Mangan, $14,800.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $1,710,000 Average price: $125,156 Median price: $65,000 Number of Sales: 29

• Niagara Falls Blvd. & 70th St. & Pine Ave., 6980 NF Blvd. LLC to SLW of Niagara Falls LLC, $1,710,000.

• Quarry Road, James Greig Sr.; James G. Greig; James R. Greig to Covanta Environmental Solutions, $183,000.

• West Rivershore Drive, Fred S. Kunderman to Shawn S. Arndt, $165,000.

• Buffalo Ave., Roy Richardson Inc to KDR Holdings, $150,000.

• 808 Morley Ave., Cynthia A. Nowadly to Registered Holders of Credit Suisse Seasoned Loan Trust; US Bank National Assoc Bank, $141,397.

• Laughlin Drive, James L. Fasciano; Louisa Fasciano to John D. Itzo; Tonia S. Itzo, $100,000.

• Jacob Place, Angela J. Ciraolo; Anthony J. Ciraolo to Elizabeth A. Woock, $99,000.

• Parkway Condo Unit 812, Donna M. Portale to Michael D. Perri Living Trust; Michael D. Perri, $95,000.

• 88th St., Mary J. Tront to Nicole M. Bradley, $80,000.

• 212 72nd St., Judith M. Burns; Peter H. Burns; Judith M. Petts to Fannie Mae, $79,367.

• 74th St., Maria C. Frantz; Nicholas C. Frantz; Maria Scalfani to Kristen L. Brosius, $74,000.

• 202 82nd St., Tammy C. Johnson to HUD, $71,878.

• 1739 Lasalle Ave., Julie M. Felvus to Bank Of America, $69,611.

• 2642 Porter Road, Madeline Delucci; Madeline Dragonette to HSBC Bank USA, $66,521.

• Linwood Ave., Oscar A. Gil, Paul Gil to Sara F. Vanhoose, $65,000.

• Forest Ave., Lisa M. Gianquinto to Lawrence J. Aceti Jr., $60,000.

• 2443 Niagara Ave., Anamarie C. Marquez; Samuel Marquez to Deutsche Bank National Trust; Morgan Stanley Mortgage Loan Trust, $57,179.

• 36 Clifton St. & Main St., Mario G. Passero; Pasquale Passero; Patsy Passero to Mark J. Delmonte Jr., $55,000.

• 805 16th St., DHGF LLC to Visionelle Property Solutions, $49,090.

• Linwood Ave., Kevin J. Hine; Jason M. Vaclavik to Jennifer Stevens, $44,000.

• 3613 & 3317 Ely Ave., Mae O. Jackson to Norma H. Davis, $43,000.

• Pierce Ave., Andrea M. Galey to Develop Niagara, $40,000.

• 2018 Independence Ave., Genevieve A. Wolfgang to Wing Properties, $30,000.

• Lasalle Ave., Anthony Quarantiello; Anthony Quarantillo; Marjorie Quarantillo to Anthony Quarantillo, $21,600.

• 1806 Niagara Ave., Dasmen M. Cary to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $17,800.

• 626 16th St., Eric J. Laderer to KWEB Properties, $17,000.

• 1887 Weston Ave., Denise Constance Mcintyre; Edmund A. Mcintyre to KWEB Properties, $16,000.

• Royal Ave., Sheila Perri; Vincenzo Perri to Jeffrey Hillman; Patricia Hillman, $15,000.

• 1904-1906 Whitney Ave., HUD to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $14,077.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $148,000 Average price: $94,504 Median price: $90,000 Number of Sales: 11

• Euclid Ave., Robyn Glemby-Pharr; John S. Pharr Jr.; John S. Pharr; Robyn G. Pharr to Christopher M. Castek; Kelli M. Castek, $148,000.

• 242 Belmont Court West, Kelly Gendron; Kelly Gendron-Frank to Angelo P. Dombrowski, $146,900.

• Master St., James P. Wodka to Timothy Dray; Donna M. Flynn; Teresa Dray Moore, $140,000.

• Abington Place, Katherine Ellis; Katherine Ellis-Donner to Maria J. Parsons; Thomas G Parsons Jr., $127,950.

• Stenzil St., Glenn A. Deverell; Maureen Deverell to Nicholas F. Bellina, $100,000.

• East Felton St., Denise Driscoll; Michael G. Driscoll to Paul C. Duffy, $90,000.

• Tremont St., Diane L. Dorsaneo; Angela M. Schwab; Michele A. Stefanucci to Christopher Dorsaneo; Maria Vanessa Dorsaneo, $83,500.

• Fredericka St., Paul J. Burleson to Stephen P. Schmidt, $74,000.

• -76, John C. Kijowski Jr. to Elizabeth O. Pane; James K. Pane, $61,000.

• 226 Schenck St., Mary E. Kennedy to First Niagara Bank, $38,191.

• William St., G T Custom Built Homes to Andrew C. Knoell; Ashley M. Knoell, $30,000.


• Cloverleaf Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Kelly Vanduser; Brandon Winkler, $317,020.

• 79bear Ridge Road, John S. Rhoads Jr.; Susan K. Rhoads to Marianne T. Yaeger, $302,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Thomas Vanhorn to Julie M. Haylett; Philip B. Haylett, $150,000.

• 6668 Campbell Blvd., County of Niagara New York to Jamie Swanson, $57,000.

• Fisk Road, Sharon Lynn Levy to Christopher Guadagno, $44,900.


• Lake Road, Janet G. Muniz; Janet Gray Muniz; Martin J. Muniz to Christin Hunter, $135,000.

• East Ave., Victor Szarejko to John L. Heiser Jr, $21,500.


• Mountain Road, Margaret C. Bourne; Margaret C. Bourne Living Trust to Duane Seiler, $100,000.

• 4 Chestnut Ridge Road, Carol Lederhouse; Gary Lederhouse to Nicole E. Zglinicki; Shawn R. Zglinicki, $88,000.

• 9747 Watson Ave., Stacy L. Kleitz; David S. Uschold to Ruth A. Munson, $80,000.


• Lake Road, Michele L. Parlier to Geena Schafer, $102,500.


• Osprey Lane, Lynn M. Fusco; Joseph P. Starinsky to Nicole M. Stickney; Richard L. Stickney, $217,000.


• Wilson Burt Road, David E. Myers to Melanie S. Wakefield, $173,900.

• 2460 Beebe Road, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust; US National Assoc Bank to David Foster; Joan Foster, $75,000.