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Mark Gaughan's hot read: Sloppy Bills have no excuse in losing to mediocre Washington

The Bills were brutal in losing to Washington, and don’t accept injuries as an excuse.

Sure, the Bills were down four starters on defense, including Stephon Gilmore, Nigel Bradham, Aaron Williams and Kyle Williams. But the Washington defense was equally banged up, without five starters since the start of the season. The Bills had five first-round picks on defense, and Washington had one.

The Bills’ defense was skewered by a Washington offense that ranked 25th in the NFL in yards gained. No excuses.

Rex Ryan spent most of the past 15 years confusing NFL offenses with his overload blitz packages. He just can’t get his them to work this year. Ryan continually has pushed the wrong buttons with his pass rush.

Another example was the 13-yard TD scramble by Kirk Cousins that put the Redskins ahead, 14-0.

It was a third-and-goal play from the 13. The conventional defensive play would be to drop into coverage, force a dump-off underneath and make a tackle. The Bills opted to run an overload blitz off left tackle. Sure enough, Washington had the perfect play called, a rollout in the other direction. With the Bills’ defense outflanked off right tackle, Cousins took off and scored.

Other thoughts:

* Bills right tackle Jordan Mills was abused by Washington edge rusher Ryan Kerrigan.

* I find it hard to knock Tyrod Taylor much because he was under siege in the pocket. But he didn’t make as many precise throws as Kirk Cousins. One example is the fade at the goal line for Sammy Watkins. Taylor overthrew it. Cousins was perfect on it for a TD to Jordan Reed. On the other hand, Taylor was perfect on the TD bomb to Watkins. He also had Chris Hogan on a deep post, but Hogan dropped it.

* The fourth-and-goal fade pass for Watkins was a terrible call. How about spreading Washington out and running two of the three plays from the 1?

* Center Eric Wood got blown up on the second-and-goal and third-and-goal plays from the 1.

* Don’t really mind the Bills playing a power game on second and third and goal (despite the previous point about running from a spread), but the Bills could have helped out the O-line by using some pre-snap motion to make Washington guess a little.

* Anyone looking for the Bills to demonstrate better basic execution was left bitterly disappointed. From start to finish, the Bills were too sloppy.

Just off the top of our heads: 1) An illegal motion and a false start foiled their opening drive. 2) The Bills’ defense had to blow a time out early because they couldn’t get lined up. 3) The Redskins converted a fourth-and-1 play en route to their second TD when they had no intention of snapping the ball. Stefan Charles jumped offsides to keep the drive alive. 4) The Bills even went offside on their late on-side kick in the final minute.

* The crazy thing is the Bills could have won this game, as bad as they started and even though they were beaten on the offensive line of scrimmage. Washington is not that good. Score on the goal line late in the second quarter and stop the Cousins ridiculous rushing TD and it’s a tie game – at the least.

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