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Letter: Monthlong winterfest would attract visitors

Monthlong winterfest would attract visitors

Buffalo’s winters are stereotyped as being snowy, brutally cold and never-ending. As a Buffalonian, I will say this: Without snow we wouldn’t be Buffalo. Snow is part of our culture. I think it’s time we change this persona of our town. We need to make it known that as Buffalonians, we don’t apologize for the cold, we embrace it. A Frozen February Festival celebrating our culture would be a fun way to do it.

February is one of the coldest months, when Buffalo receives its fewest visitors. Let’s create a monthlong winter festival filled with fun activities and events that everyone would want to travel to be part of. Hockey tournaments, ice skating, ice sculpting contests, bonfires, ice bars you can skate up to, hockey skills competitions, curling, human foosball in the snow, snowman building contests, snowball fights, food trucks, skating with characters from popular children’s movies – the possibilities are endless.

There are over 200 Buffalo backer bars in 11 countries filled with people who love Buffalo. Why not get them to create teams and travel to a Frozen February Festival and compete in winter games?

Buffalo has been continuing to rise and our economy is growing with all of the new downtown developments, especially Canalside, RiverWorks and 716. Now is the time to change our persona. Why not capitalize on what we already have and turn Buffalo into a winter wonderland with a frozen festival? It’s time to make people put down their strawberry daiquiris and hand them a snowball daiquiri for spring break. Yes, it snows it Buffalo, so let’s have a bunch of snow days.

Jordan Weixlmann

West Seneca