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Letter: Maybe it’s time to cover the Statue of Liberty

Maybe it’s time to cover the Statue of Liberty

When you think about it, the entire history of mankind is nothing more than a global game of king of the mountain. No matter how many common lives are sacrificed to gain the kingdom, the victor can only enjoy the spoils until the next succeeding king spoils the enjoyment of the preceding victor. Ironically, every new kingdom becomes a target for all other kings-in-waiting. From time immemorial, this has been the particular reality of the Middle East. Any concise history of this geographical area will quickly show that kings have been toppling kings since Cain killed Abel. Jealousy and power will always be great motivators for war.

The 20th century ended with the Middle East finding itself with a tenuous balance of power. The power brokers were very bad men eagerly willing to do very bad things to each other; every side always sleeping with one eye open anticipating the eventual attack. As precarious a situation as it was, there was a delicate balance of the anachronistic powers-that-were.

Enter Operation Iraqi Freedom. Whether you believe that removing Saddam Hussein from power was justified or not, that was the action that made the United States the new target in the 21st century game of king of the world. Toppling Iraq’s gasbag dictator can be likened to pulling the plug in a giant bathtub of sand, and now being sucked down by the whirlpool for as long as we can imagine.

We are now vulnerable to rampant paranoia. It has gotten so bad that Los Angeles closed all its schools because a student sent a threat by email. Mosques are being vandalized, with references to Jesus being left by the vandals. We want to close our borders, build walls, refuse entry to refugees and ban an entire faith.

So as not to be hypocritical, I suggest we cover the Statue of Liberty with a big burlap bag and leave a note saying, “It was nice while it lasted.”

Robert J. Wegrzynowski