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Vic Carucci’s NFL power rankings: Bills take a slide

(Last week in parenthesis)

1. Carolina. As Cam Newton says about his reason for dancing, “There’s greatness in the air.” (1)

2. Arizona. Prime time is the right time for the Cardinals. (4)

3. New England. The winning starts with Tom Brady, but the defense does the finishing. (5)

4. Seattle. Regardless of what Mike Pettine says, Russell Wilson continues to be a major force. (7)

5. Green Bay. Mike McCarthy never should have given up play-calling duties in the first place. (6)

6. Denver. There’s something really strange about picturing Peyton Manning on the scout team, isn’t there? (2)

7. Kansas City. It’s hard to believe these guys started out at 1-5. (9)

8. Pittsburgh. It’s hard to believe these guys could still end up missing the postseason. (10)

9. Cincinnati. What’s worse than Andy Dalton losing in the playoffs? Losing Andy Dalton. (3)

10. N.Y. Jets. Maybe the Bills won’t make the playoffs, but Ryan Fitzpatrick could. (12)

11. Minnesota. Can Teddy Bridgewater get over the nightmare in the desert? (8)

12. Oakland. All of a sudden, Khalil Mack has thrown his hat in the ring for NFL Defensive Player of the Year. (16)

13. Philadelphia. The Eagles had something other than their logo for LeSean McCoy to kiss. (22)

14. Washington. Kirk Cousins continues to show progress as Redskins close in on a division title. (18)

15. N.Y. Giants. Hopes of giving Panthers’ first loss could rest on outcome of Odell Beckham, Jr. vs. Josh Norman. (19)

16. Buffalo. To honor their apparent affinity for the color, maybe the Bills should go with the Rams’ all yellow look. (11)

17. Chicago. An anticipated close game vs. the Vikings is a bad time to have a kicker in funk. (17)

18. Houston. Do the Texans finally break the Indy curse and win the AFC South? (14)

19. St. Louis. Rams might be leaving St. Louis, but it doesn’t look like Jeff Fisher is leaving the Rams. (27)

20. Indianapolis. Blown out by the Jaguars? Is there any point in even finishing the season? (13)

21. Tampa Bay. This team still has some maturing to do. (15)

22. Jacksonville. How much of that rout of the Colts was the Jaguars and how much was the Colts? (30)

23. Atlanta. With questions about the talent intensifying, so is the heat on GM Thomas Dimitroff. (21)

24. Miami. Hey, at least Lamar Miller has a shot at 1,000 rushing yards. (20)

25. Detroit. Jim Caldwell will likely be joining the others who already have been shown the door. (23)

26. New Orleans. The only teams drawing more penalties than the Saints are the Bills and Bucs. (26)

27. San Francisco. It’s pretty bad when the Browns’ coach says that you looked like you quit. (24)

28. Baltimore. With so many injuries, the last thing this team needed was a game vs. the Chiefs. (25)

29. Dallas. As hard as it might be to believe, Jason Garrett looks like he’ll survive this disaster. (28)

30. Cleveland. Reality should return pretty quickly against this week’s opponent from the NFC West. (32)

31. San Diego. If this is the end of the Chargers in San Diego, what an awful way to go out. (31)

32. Tennessee. Talk about inconsistency! (29)