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Tattoos don't have to leave a lasting impression, Amherst business owner says

Having a tattoo that reminds you of the former starting quarterback on your former favorite team is just one reason for buyer’s regret over a tattoo.

Break-ups. Weight changes. Changing ideas about what one perceives as beautiful. All reasons why a body of artwork may have worn out its desired effect.

Not to mention that not every “artist” is a Michelangelo with tattoo needles.

Enter Sherry Hale, owner of Custom Beaute and subject of this weekend’s Healthy Response feature in WNY Refresh.

Sherry Hale

Sherry Hale

Hale has moved her business from the City of Tonawanda to 3950 E. Robinson Road, Suite 109, in Amherst. She also has tweaked her offerings, including her desire to help rid customers of unwanted tattoos.

During part of our interview this week, we talked about tattoo removal and new facials – including an oxygen facial favored by a celebrity icon. Below are excerpts.

Q. Can you talk about the changes here?

The biggest change was bringing in the wellness team: the chiropractor, acupuncture, medical massage. The laser tattoo will be coming on the paramedical side.

Q. How does laser tattoo removal work and how effective is it?

It works by light penetrating the skin and dispersing heat to break up the particle of the pigment so your body can absorb it. It’s only as effective as the equipment, the technician trained to do it and the colors that we’re working with.

Q. Can you get rid of an elaborate tattoo?

I’m not going to go that far to begin with. I’m going to start with a lot of bad (tattooed) eyebrows that need to be fixed. I will start by focusing on eyebrows and small tattoos.

Q. What can people expect their skin to look like after this sort of procedure?

It will be red and irritated. We have an aftercare made specifically to help with the healing process.

Treatments are usually six weeks apart and it will take multiple sessions to get all the pigment out, depending on the depth of the pigment, the type of pigment used and the color.

Q. What do people tell you when they decide they want to get rid of a tattoo?

They’ve outgrown it or they had bad work done.

Q. Are you taking people’s names off?

Yup, there’s some names.

Q. What is the cost?

The tattoo removal is going to run about $200 a session. There typically is a range of six to eight sessions.

Q. Tell me about the oxygen facial.

It’s new. It’s high-pressure air that penetrates hyaluronic acids and vitamins into the skin without actually touching the skin. The oxygen helps to turn the cells over. It’s Madonna’s secret. It’s a celebrity facial and it’s here. We’re going to start that out at an introductory price of $149.

Q. Is that something to do once or as a series?

I would encourage them to replace their regular facial with an oxygen facial. In January, we'll also introduce a new laser-based carbon facial. A typical spa facial is creams, lotions, massage. What we do is ultrasonic. This is the vitamin-infused, the LED, the infrareds, the oxygen, the carbon.

Q. What are the advantages of these?

The cosmetic doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin. This is more of a permanent change because it gets deeper penetration into the skin to allows the collagen to build.

Q. How would this compare to a face-lift?

A face-lift would be a last resort. Do that later on. It just pulls the skin. It doesn’t rehydrate and plump the skin. Depending on how much elasticity someone has, they might need both. A younger person could benefit with maintenance and prevention by keeping their skin healthy and hydrated.

Q. What’s the difference in price?

A medical facial can run between $125 and $185. You would continue an initial series of maybe six treatments and go on to a (monthly) maintenance program. A face-lift is going to run around $6,000.

Q. If you could only afford one thing, where would you start?

With a medical facial.


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