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Letters for Dec. 20

Why penalty problems? Let’s count the ways

What’s up with all these penalties for the Bills?

While wondering what team I’ll be rooting for besides Rex’s boys in the playoffs, I tried to come up with reasons why one team, ours, can take so many more penalties than other teams, theirs.

Is it lack of discipline, a trademark of Rex Ryan teams? Is it lack of accountability? Is it the eagerness to impress the new regime? Is it a vendetta by the referees against Ryan for some reason? Or is it simply a lack of concentration by a roster trying to get used to a new system?

I guess I’ll hope it’s the latter because maybe the phrase “there’s always next year” might have some credence for once.

Whatever. That’s 16 years without a playoff game to watch and counting.

No significant snow yet and no playoffs again.

Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Dale Slisz


Whaley not worthy of Wall of Fame

I disagree with the recent letter writer who wrote Doug Whaley should be placed on the Wall of Fame.

Recognizing Whaley’s decision to acquire Tyrod Taylor has been encouraging. However, five of the Bills’ six wins have come against teams with losing records. Another year with no playoffs seems inevitable. This, combined with a failed No. 1 draft pick at the quarterback position a couple years ago has set this team back at least five years.

The names on the wall are the elite because of their accomplishments on and off the field. In my opinion Doug Whaley does not merit any consideration for this honor. In fact, he is walking a tightrope just like Darcy Regier did with the Sabres.

Tony Hammill


Reader unimpressed by sport hunting

So, a young man from Kenmore shot a doe at 65 yards with his 12-gauge shotgun and went on to kill a 200-pound bear at 70 yards. Isn’t there enough violence and killing going on without a young boy adding to it?

I am very seriously considering canceling my 40-some-years, 7-days-a-week newspaper. Enough already.

The world violence and senseless killings are now on an almost daily occurrence. Even the most beautiful of God’s creatures are not safe either. But to read of a young boy so proud to kill a bear, to stuff and brag about it makes one wonder what we have come to. Perhaps we will all have to turn off our TVs, stop our newspapers and pray a lot more. Unbelievable cruelty and so many horrendous acts of violence going on out there. Daily. Time to look at our Ten Commandments – the first being Thou Shalt Not Kill.

I rest my case.

Janet Nowicki


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