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Letter: Teamwork is essential to revitalize East Side

Teamwork is essential to revitalize East Side

So far all we have heard about for the East Side is a plan by Toronto developer Harry Stinson for the Central Terminal. How about the mayor, Common Council members, state and federal representatives, creative planning teams from the University at Buffalo and local developers working together with neighborhood representatives to create a vision for a renewed East Side with the Central Terminal as a hub and catalyst? Is this kind of collaborative teamwork too idealistic to work, or is this what real success and transformation look like?

Certainly light-rail transportation, long talked about, could be a foundational component, bringing people from the east, north, south and west. How far? As far as you can imagine. Yes, it would cost a bundle, but what’s money in light of how much we waste on war? With collaboration at all levels (public and private) this is doable.

Think big, Buffalo! Think teamwork and anything is possible, including a new Peace Bridge.

The Rev. Pascal Ipolito

St. George Church, West Falls