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Letter: People who think like Trump are truly scary

People who think like Trump are truly scary

I’m quite amused reading letters to this column that say, “Donald Trump is just saying what other people are thinking and won’t say.” Who are these people? There is a plethora of voices dispensing racist bigotry and fascism; just turn on Fox News or listen to tea party congressmen. Ban Muslims? Really?

The whole idea of a leader is to calm fears and find a solution, not stoke people’s fears. I’m much more afraid of radicalized Christians shooting up women’s health clinics, or crazies strafing movie theaters, killing people in their place of worship or murdering children in schools. They were not Islamist.

Radical Islamists are certainly a concern, but all the hate speech only makes them more determined to kill us. Where are the people making an issue of all the mass shootings in this country by Americans? The people who are thinking what Trump is saying are the ones who really scare me.

Donald Breton Jr.