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Letter: Banning all Muslims defies common sense

Banning all Muslims defies common sense

Question: Bearing in mind that other than Native Americans, we are all descendants of immigrants – who were not required to provide religious affiliation when they entered this country and whose backs, brawn, brains and blood enabled the United States to flourish – what makes more sense: closing our borders to all Muslim immigrants trying to escape persecution and find a better life, or passing legislation barring suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms?

That same legislation that was recently voted down by the majority of Republican senators would have encompassed the home-grown terrorists who have committed domestic massacres.

Instead of allowing xenophobia to squelch all rational thought, we need to qualify terrorism based on the acts perpetrated, not ethnicity or religion.

However, based on some of the absurd current rhetoric, we are faced with what Alice experienced when she fell down the rabbit hole – all logic is reversed.

Helen Shoff

West Seneca