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Letter: Americans’ way of life is under attack by liberals

Americans’ way of life is under attack by liberals

I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of the political correctness of the left. I am a proud, exceptional American. I am the ancestor of proud, exceptional European immigrants who came to America to help build an exceptional country. They came to be American. Did they keep their traditions and customs? Of course they did, but they came to be American first. They came expecting nothing but the opportunities that hard work, capitalism, freedom and liberty provide.

I am not a racist or xenophobe because I do not want to pay for refugees to come here and bring their failed socialist or totalitarian cultures with them. Immigration without assimilation is nothing but invasion. They should either want to be American and assimilate to our culture, or stay in the failed countries and cultures they created and came from.

Our way of life is under attack by politicians, bureaucrats and universities that no longer believe in an exceptional America. Their selfish goal is obvious: to forever drive a liberal, Democratic voting majority, and they could not care less about our country, our economy or our safety.

Bruce Dittly

North Tonawanda