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Letter: Too many politicians lack moral, ethical character

Too many politicians lack moral, ethical character

How many more will follow in the wake of the convictions of Sheldon Silver, Dean Skelos and his son, Adam? How much personal illegal aggrandizement is enough? Do we, the voters, wooed at election time but grievously and surreptitiously seduced thereafter, really have any power to affect what happens to us? How do we spot those who profess they’ll faithfully serve their constituency, then go astray once confronted with “business as usual” politics?

Being a human being and being human are two distinctly different qualities. Apparently that distinction has eluded our elected officials, who continue to prove that they are totally devoid of any moral or ethical character. The most objectionable part of all of this, to me, is that the criminals appear to exhibit acute disingenuousness and a total rejection of the public responsibilities that we entrust to them.

Scott Patterson