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Letter: Poor voter turnout shouldn’t surprise us

Poor voter turnout shouldn’t surprise us

It is no wonder that the voter turnout in this area is at an all-time low. New judges to the State Supreme Court are voted on by two people – the party chairmen. Our State Legislature is full of corruption. Our governor suspends a commission to investigate corruption before any findings are brought to light, forcing a federal probe using the commission’s findings and papers to convict two legislators. Meanwhile, the governor calls for reform while doing nothing to implement it.

Is this a wake-up call for our legislators? I doubt it. They are too busy feathering their nests and preparing for retirement so they can become lobbyists or “consultants” and live happily ever after. Let us set term limits and stop the circle of corruption in state government.

I have voted in every election since I was eligible. But now I am reconsidering the fact that my or anyone’s voting in this state makes any difference. It is the party bosses and political cronies who decide what will prevail in “our” state and we are merely a source of revenue for them. Why bother to vote?

William Kraus