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Letter: ISIS will be defeated, just like other fanatics

ISIS will be defeated, just like other fanatics

Surely the ISIS crusade is fueled by hatred of Americanism, capitalism and equality while all citizens of the world, united as one in our country, are being subjected to misery by terrorist attacks. Our media must stop the sensationalism of ISIS to adapt more of a feigned profile of jihad. Our world has always had fanatics and they have all fallen from prominence. Nazism, Taliban, al-Qaida and now ISIS must fall.

To what end does a terrorist mentality seek? Do radical Islamists wish all cultures to regress back to primitive existence? How foolish of them to follow a human littleness when the rest of the world is bathed in modern conveniences and mentality.

Some American-Muslim women are already taking off their hijabs to go to college, drive the family car, go to the store by themselves, wear a bikini, or even vote for Donald Trump, all with the blessings of their husbands.

What best can be done is to put forth a new oath to Muslims and to all citizens of America. Each and every one of us must state: I pledge to not behold jihad idealisms of terrorism. Radical Islam is an evil cult that envies American culture, and it must be reported. We the people of this great nation of America shall not perish from this Earth.

Russell D. Ward