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Letter: Governor’s U-turn is motivated by politics

Governor’s U-turn is motivated by politics

What inspiring thoughts to learn that our omniscient governor, Andrew Cuomo, made a U-turn in his educational reforms. I suppose his GPS system was probably malfunctioning at the time, or locked on to one of those satellites circling Mars. Then again, his political future doesn’t depend on Martian voters, but the state’s teachers union, and those strange alien beings called teachers suddenly appear important.

Confusing that just a few years ago, he promised to eradicate the entire underperforming, underworking pack of them and lead the way triumphantly in educational reform. Did parents and teachers actually set him on the right course to turn off the standardized testing thumbscrews?

I hardly believe this is possible with the arrogance manifested by our state leader. As a true political chameleon, what matters is only the next election. I am wondering if Cuomo knows the right directions to Washington? Bad news for us, if once again he needs to make a U-turn.

Peter V. Tonsoline