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Rex Ryan: This is the first time I've been considered the weakness

Running highlights from Rex Ryan's Wednesday news conference...

On the defense... I know we have the talent. We just haven't had the results that we expected, so that's a given. That falls directly on me. No question. It doesn't need to be pointed anywhere else --- it needs to be pointed on me. This is the first time I've ever been considered the weakness of the team, the way I coach defense. We haven't lived up to expectations. I get that. The season's not over. I expect to play better. But that's just the way it is.

On why players can't grasp what he's doing... There are things we do differently than other teams. I think we're doing a much better job of it in our communication. Historically, you have some issues when you go into it. But everything's different. When I took the Jets defense, it went 23rd to one in one year. Been a switch of it. We're going to work hard. Statistically, you want to be really good on defense. Sometimes, your offense can get some great numbers and quite honestly it's because they're behind a bunch. But on defense, you want to have great numbers on defense. We haven't had them yet. The work ethic's there. Guys are playing hard. We haven't been the dominant unit any of us anticipated.

On players grasping it... The way I feel now, the guys have a better grasp of what we're trying to do. Hopefully that leads to better things as we move on.

On the air leaving the balloon, him taking blame... Sure, it falls on my lap. There's always contributing factors, but I'm not a guy who points fingers. ... Disagree (air has left balloon). Opinion of people outside the building, I understand that. Everybody anticipated us being a great defense because year before they played a great defense and year before they were 10th in the league. All that, I understand where that's coming from. But guys are still playing and playing hard. The trained eye understands.

On how long it took for guys to grasp it... Nah, mine is too complicated to play. I've had bad games in the past. We gave up 400 yards in both Miami games, gave up 14 points but gave up 400. Sometimes we play a little better than the stats may indicate and maybe not. ... It doesn't really matter what I say, it's a cop-out. I believe it'll get better.

On his first Jets 'D' playing so well... Got lucky. ... That's what's frustrating. We have good players, I believe I'm a good coach but for whatever reason we're not getting the results. I take all the blame. Our players are playing hard. Our guys study. Has it been perfect? It's never perfect. I point it at myself and I'll try to get better. This league changes. There's different offenses, different challenges each week. The stats are ugly. We don't expect to get the numbers like that. It's certainly not what we expected.

On if he needs different players to run system... I'm not disagreeing that there's something we may look at to help us in the future. But we have three games to win. At the appropriate time, we'll look at any way to improve our football team. Right now, this is what we have. Key guys out. It's been challenging. Moving different guys around. Manny is playing all over the place. This is where we're at. We're kind of Band-Aiding it together best we can.

On Richie Incognito's game in Philly... He's playing as good as any guard in the league. He gave up one sack and from that point until the fourth quarter, Richie was playing great. As good as he ever does. When he plays with good technique, he's as good as any guard in the league. I love the fact that he took ownership in it. He gave the opponent credit. He owned up, he manned up. ... There are so many guys who would've pointed a different direction. He owned it. He should be the No. 1 guard when they do the Pro Bowl balloting.

On leaders... There are definitely some leaders on this team. I definitely see that developing here. There are certainly guys, I can tell when the teammates look at them how they respond. We have some of those players.

On Mario Williams checking out... No, see, he has a foot injury. He doesn't use it as an excuse. He had an illness, called 5:30 in the morning. He hasn't checked out. ... Has Mario Williams had better years? Yeah, no question. But he plays, he's out there, he competes. He's out there doing everything he can. Jerry Hughes has four sacks but Jerry Hughes, in my opinion, is one of the best players in the league. I don't think any of these players have checked out.

On Tyrod Taylor being a leader... I think it'd be hard for anybody coming to a new team to demand leadership. I think he's on his way to earning that leadership. Yeah, it's difficult when you go to a new team, unless you're a Hall of Fame guy like Peyton Manning. There are very few guys like that. ... I expected we'd get a lot of good things from him. Did I expect we'd get the fifth-rated quarterback? Probably not.

On progress he must make... Doing an outstanding job. I feel good about him being our quarterback moving forward. I don't know what else he has to prove. It doesn't just fall on the quarterback. Maybe a fourth-quarter comeback is missing. He's had a couple. I'm happy he's our quarterback.

On Taylor reading the field... I think he reads the field really good. I don't think he locks in on half the field. He's a complete quarterback. Sometimes, I wish he'd run more. I think he scans the field really good.

On mood now feeling like post-season news conference... I can tell you this, the preparation by coaches, all that going into it, we had a walkthrough. Full plan is in. We're going for it. Here's the thing: if we win this week, guess what we're still in it. But we know. We get the thing. We know we have to win all three for us to have a snowball's chance, a snowflake's chance. Jets needs to lose one of next two, Steelers need to lose two of next thing. We better be looking at our opponent.

On the Redskins... I didn't even know we had an opponent! ... They're well-coached. They're physical. They have three running backs. 31, reminds me of Chris Ivory. 46, always a good back. 25. DeSean Jackson has speed, one of the fastest players in the league. They're loaded on offense. On defense, we all know the guy from his treadmill commercial. That dude's huge playing nose tackle in there. Hatcher is a good player --- 6-7, 310. They have some monsters out there. DeAngelo Hall at safety, looks funny, but he has the athleticism. As soon as DeSean Jackson came back healthy, all of a sudden their wins started coming.

On Rob Ryan making visits... That was a one-time shot, unless he really gets bored.



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