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May the (dark chocolate) force be with you

Who doesn't love when imaginary planets align? Especially as Christmas approaches and we need a few last-minute items.

Coinciding with the release of the new "Star Wars" movie on Friday we love these perfect stocking stuffers from Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream in Williamsville.

Howard Camdus, Sweet Jenny’s owner/lawyer/chocolatier and self-proclaimed nerd noted, “We make so many different chocolate creations, but the 'Star Wars' ones are some of our favorites because of the response they elicit in people. Kids go crazy as do the ‘big kids.’ They freak out and name all the friends they want to buy for.”

When we said the chocolates are too beautiful to eat, Camdus replied, “The best thing about our molded chocolates are that they are consumable art. Impermanent. They need to be consumed and destroyed to be enjoyed.”

The detailed chocolates come in packs of three heads — Darth Vader (dark chocolate of course), Boba Fett (milk chocolate), Storm Troopers (white chocolate) and Yoda for $5.99.



There are also individual version of the Millennium Falcon, Hans Solo in Carbonite or R2-D2 for $5.99.


For that extra special person, 2-lb. versions of the Falcon, Solo and R2-D2 are $49.99.

Two pound chocolate versions with the smaller versions sitting on top for scale.

Two-pound chocolate versions with the smaller versions sitting on top for scale.

When we asked Camdus why his chocolates are so popular, he said, “Star Wars appeals to something from the loner and princess to the misunderstood villain in all of us.”


Sweet Jenny’s (631-2424) is located at 5732 Main St., Williamsville. Open daily from 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m.







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