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A guide to indie music for the uninitiated

Imagine lying on the grass out in the warm sun and not knowing what to listen to as you attempt to achieve a calm state of mind. There’s a solution to that. It’s called indie.

The mellow vibes of this genre of music have given inspiration to countless bands. Reaching from experimental techno to the more classic rock, indie is a genre of many unique sounds. Indie doesn’t have a distinct sound, it’s not something you can easily put a label on. Yet this is a genre for everyone who enjoys variations of rock music.

Indie music originated in the United Kingdom in the 1980s, and it was during the 1980s that it gained recognition in the United States as well. There’s been a large number of popular indie bands hailing from the United States, including STRFKR and the White Stripes, but it’s still an emerging genre when it comes to the U.S.

On top of that, indie music from all over the world is unique. Europe has brilliant indie bands, from the Arctic Monkeys to Two Door Cinema Club. If you are more interested in bands that are calmer, start with Bloc Party and Phoenix.

Indie isn’t a genre for everyone, but for many it’s a good listen. What makes music indie is that it is released and produced by independent record labels or independent bands. It ranges from indie-tronica like Chvrches to the mellow contrasts of such bands as Grizzly Bears or ALT-J.

Reaching into the indie genre isn’t difficult if you already listen to rock and/or alternative music. This is a genre you can easily pick up. If you prefer happy instrumental music that you can also dance to, then Franz Ferdinand is just the right band. It’s one of the more profound bands of indie, having a couple songs, such as “Do You Want To” and “Take Me Out” reach popularity on the radio.

I often recommend this genre to others, because is the type of music that radiates creativity.

Buffalo is an amazing city for indie concerts. Foster the People has played here, and even though MGMT isn’t considered indie anymore since they signed with a non-independent label around 2006, one of their tour destinations was Buffalo. The Wombats played last month at the Waiting Room, and Darwin Deez played the same venue last week. The people who attend indie concerts are generally polite and friendly. Compared to rock concert audiences, they are overall more well-rounded when it comes to the laid-back genre that is indie.

After exploring different genres, I feel that indie is something that I always would enjoy.

Jordon Krivonos is a junior at Kenmore West High School.