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What They Said: Transcripts from Tuesday interviews with Bills' Bradham, Brown, Dareus, Lawson & Watkins

LB Nigel Bradham

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I’m feeling a lot better. Being able to run a little bit more. Still not 100-percent but 75/80-percent right now. Well see how the week goes and try to get through.

Q: Are they going to let you practice tomorrow?

A: Hopefully they let me test it out. Right now hopefully we take it more into our team drills and everything not just individual. Hopefully just get a feel for it just to see how it goes for the first day.

Q: Yesterday you said you were desperate to come back, is that accurate?

A: Yeah. When you love the game…I always want to play. I believe it’s a great opportunity for me to be able to help my teammates and go out there and try to get a win.

Q: Why is it important to get a win when playoff hopes are slim right now?

A: Pretty much just to finish up what we started. Not quitting, pretty much being able to just go out there and finish. Finish the season with a winning record, and get ready for next year.

Q: How disappointed is this team?

A: Yeah it’s disappointing. The goals we set, we didn’t reach. It’s sad because a lot of it had to do with minor errors, something that we probably could have gotten rid of like penalties, etc. Things like that. So we pretty much just have to correct those things and get it going.

LB Preston Brown

Q: Where do you guys go from here?

A: Just go out there and try and win games. I mean it is still the same objective. We got three games left and we got to go there and find a way to win all of them that is the key. Going to watch a good team try and make the playoffs. So we got to go out there and try and get a win.

Q: How frustrating is the situation where playoffs are unlikely even if you do win out?

A: Definitely. We can only get nine and most the guys that are in it already have eight, so it is definitely tough. But you never know what can happen in the NFL. So we can’t just put our head down and say oh we are out of it. We are technically not yet. We got to go out there and do our part. We still got to try to win games and go out there positive.

Q: Given the talent level of the team how frustrating is to be the position you guys are in?

A: Definitely frustrating. You sit back and look across the locker room and say there is no reason we shouldn’t have more wins than what we do. I mean we let a lot of games slip where we could have had one. But that is the way it is we got to handle ours, the penalties been a problem the whole year and it has been a reason why we have lost games.

Q: Are the penalties more difficult to deal with because they are self-inflicted?

A: Definitely. I mean it is something you can control. Everybody talk about the refs throwing all these…we are committing the fouls I mean it is not that bad. We are doing something to draw the foul. So we got to correct it. It is something that we can’t continue to do if you want to be a good football team.

DT Marcell Dareus

Q: After last week Washington will probably run all kind of hard counts, is that something you have to tell yourself that you won’t move till the ball does?

A: I mean just playing disciplined sound defense. We are going to practice, we are going to do the best we can. Just being sound across the front. Just try to make sure we understand the motions and shifts and all the things they are going to try and do.

Q: They have been a lot more successful at home, knowing you are going to get their more consistent play how much do you guys have to tighten it up and be ready?

A: We have been a tough road team….I feel we play a little tougher on the road. I mean we are going to just be ready for them. It is tough to play teams at home in general. You got your home fans, you got the crowd behind you, you have the momentum just coming into the game. So we are just going to be ready for them and just be prepared the best way we can.

Q: You came close to getting (Sam) Bradford last week, what is the mindset going into this one knowing you got a guy that can probably move around a little bit better?

A: It is the same, just try and be crafty up front, just kind of mix it up a little bit. Don’t come in the same way all the time, just kind of mix it up with them. Just try and confuse them. But line up and try to get after him the best way we can.

LB Manny Lawson

Q: Marcell Dareus was talking about how it take more than 16 games sometimes to get comfortable in a new system with a new coach, is that why the results haven’t been there?

A: I agree. You have a new coach coming in you try to understand 53 plus odd guys, and we can say 20ish guys on defense. How he can bring a defensive scheme and fit it around his guys. And then with the guys that’s here, we have been here for a while. I know how Marcell plays, he knows how I play within a certain defense. It changes you know my understanding of how he plays and what to expect from him. I agree with Marcell is does take time for a really good defense to understand a new scheme. That is just…it can take 16 games and even longer.

Q: Last year was a new scheme, how long did it take to adjust to that since the end of the season results were better?

A: Well you know I guess last year was a different year and we had a different coach, it didn’t take that long. I think it was more simple with just four guys rushing here and there and everybody else in coverage and not many checks. But we can’t really harp and focus on last year because we even tried to supplement some of last year’s scheme into this year and still were picked part. Because now teams know that we have a tenacious front four and they are going to get the ball out quick. So you know last year it was easy and guys picked up the scheme and was able to play and play fast. This year we had to change it up and it comes with the new year.

Q: So safe to say there is a lot more intricacies and the way Rex puts demands on you guys?

A: There were a lot more intricacies into what the scheme was as far as motions, checks and you know how we can try to dictate what an offense does.

WR Sammy Watkins

Q: How do you guys get back on the same page? Is it just repetition?

A: Just having a great week of practice. It’s how we prepare. Just got to go out there this week and have the same mentality as we have every week, go out there and get better and get prepared for the game.

Q: Comment on the talent in this locker room, and not being where you want to be.

A: It’s the little things. This team is so good and we have so many great players and great staff. We just need to fix the little things. We need to get disciplined within ourselves as a whole group, and address it. Once we start stop hurting ourselves and getting penalties, I think we’ll be fine.

Q: Is it hard to believe that you guys are actually in this spot?

A: It frustrates you a lot. Knowing the team and the coaching staff that we have. But like I said--it’s on the team. We have to fix the little things. We have to get better at…stop hurting ourselves and playing Buffalo football. We’re going too fix it.

Q: Can you get it done in the last three games?

A: Most definitely. Like I said, we have to address it and go out every week and really play the game that we’re supposed to play. Play Buffalo football. And that’s being physical, playing fast, and making plays.

Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

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