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Letter: Young psychiatric patients should stay in West Seneca

Young psychiatric patients should stay in West Seneca

The recent editorial regarding the moving of the Children’s Psychiatric Center does involve some careful consideration. We all are concerned with the cost of government. The current location has for years serviced our young folks in a dignified and efficient manner.

It has been repeatedly noted by professionals in the field that moving the facility to the Buffalo campus would be detrimental to the individuals currently being serviced at the West Seneca facility. The potential risk of contact in any respect between the adults being treated in Buffalo and any young patients is concerning.

Cost savings in this move seem to be an arguable point, especially when you already have a staffed facility in a very peaceful setting. There are a lot of areas to cut spending in government, however, when it comes to human services, we seem to take that budget cut a little too deep.

Don Bach


John Voss

East Aurora