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Letter: State must do better job promoting clean energy

State must do better job promoting clean energy

Like many Western New York homeowners, I received the clean energy offer from the New York State Department of Public Service to switch my electric service to the environmentally safe option. I had to sign the enclosed form and provide my electric Pod ID number.

Also like many people, I read my own meter and call in the monthly numbers. On the monthly postcard I receive, the only numeric items are my meter and account number.

Not familiar with the Pod number, I called the clean option help line. After a 20-minute wait, an agent came on and said the Pod ID is on the second or third page of the bill.

First, who hangs onto the pages of their electric bill? Who knows where or what the Pod ID number is? Who waits patiently on the phone listening to repeated recordings while seeking an answer?

I told the operator that he’s doing nothing but helping the Koch brothers and Big Oil. Missing my point, he assured me that his department has no connection to the Koch brothers.

It looks like we are going to need a movement run by professionals, not school kids, if we ever hope to improve the quality of our air and water.

Joe N. Weiss, Ph.D.