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Letter: Nativity scene teaches meaning of Christmas

Nativity scene teaches meaning of Christmas

I am bubbling over with Christmas joy, and I just have to share my happiness. I was driving through my hometown of Medina when I spotted a nativity scene in the village park. There were wise men and shepherds and the Holy Family, all in wonderful color. Hooray, a city unafraid to portray religious symbols!

With the atrocities of ISIS darkening our hearts, it is so uplifting to see a community enlightening our lives and teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas. When we see a representation of the baby Jesus in his humble birthplace, we are reminded of the poor circumstances of the stable. And, as Jesus came among the poor, Christmas should be the time we come among the poor with whatever love and support we may give.

How sad, because of a few misplaced complainers, that other communities cannot put up a Christmas remembrance. Can’t a community have the freedom of speech to proclaim that Jesus our savior has come into our lives?

I would fully support the celebration of any other religion in public places, for I respect others’ beliefs as much as my own. So my letter is a plea to citizens in the cities around us to reconsider a nativity scene somewhere within the public spaces.

Jean M. Lichtenthal