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Letter: Electoral College could save nation from Trump

Electoral College could save nation from Trump

The Founding Fathers were prophetic! After the 2000 elections, some Americans thought we should do away with the Electoral College. Thank God, the idea seemed to die. The Electoral College may save this country from the wave of fascism that is being supported by a substantial minority.

The political parties adopted the concept of electors by having their members vote for delegates to the conventions. The Republican candidates, who are troubled by the statements made by Trump concerning the registration of selected Americans based upon their religious beliefs, or any of his other statements, can easily ensure that Trump does not get the nomination. All they have to do is require their delegates to take a pledge not to vote for Trump at the convention.

Trump is once again threatening a third-party run. If the two major party candidates agree that their electors would not vote for Trump, it would ensure that his doctrine could not win with less than 50 percent of the electoral votes. The Electoral College is an essential institution in our democracy. If there isn’t a candidate with a majority, and a certain candidate is either the first or second choice of a majority of voters, that candidate, and the majority, wins.

Leonard J. Almquist