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Amanda Hansen Foundation to donate furnaces to two families

The Amanda Hansen Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides carbon monoxide detectors to those that cannot afford them, is donating furnaces to a Buffalo family and a single mother in Orchard park.

Tracy Cannon, her daughter and three grandchildren live in a house on Peabody Street. They haven’t had a working furnace for three years. Three months ago, her daughter, who lives upstairs, gave birth to a premature baby. When it gets too cold, Cannon’s daughter sleeps in the kitchen to keep warm. Cannon worried that without heat, her grandchild could become ill, all of which prompted her to contact Ken Hansen for help.

Hansen’s daughter, Amanda, a West Seneca West High School student, died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 2009. Afterward, he and his wife formed the foundation.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am for Ken and the foundation,” said Cannon. “It’s been a rough road all my life and for something like this to happen to me, I’m overwhelmed.” 

The second donation goes to Mary Keller, a single mother of two girls. She recently lost her full time job and didn’t have money to replace a cracked furnace.

“I couldn’t get financed for a furnace with no credit, so I reached out to the Amanda Hansen Foundation to perhaps see if they knew someone that would finance me,” said Keller. “I spoke with Ken who sent someone over to look at my furnace, and then shortly thereafter I received a call from him saying he was going to donate one to us. I started crying.”