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Letter: Refusal to compromise fuels dysfunction in D.C.

Refusal to compromise fuels dysfunction in D.C.

Republican voters in polls say they are fed up with Washington’s dysfunction and that’s why they are supporting Donald Trump. Why is there dysfunction in Washington?

Let’s start with the denigration of President Obama. I disagree with his style of leadership (or lack thereof), but the Republicans fault him for everything. Many continue to claim that he is not American, was not born here and is a Muslim. Hawaii was a state when he was born there and his mother was American. Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and is, therefore, eligible to seek the presidency. Republicans do not question that. Nor should they.

The Republican majority leaders in the Senate and House refuse to bring bills to a vote unless the majority of their party members are in support. Even if something passes in one house (the Senate passed an immigration bill) the House will not address it, discuss it or vote on it. The clear Republican agenda is to stop any initiative Obama proposes.

Compromise is now regarded as a four-letter word and is to be avoided regardless of the impact on this nation. Ideological purity is the only measure that counts. The only apparent solution is for one party to win the presidency, a super majority in the Senate and win the House. Anyone think that will happen?

So, do we continue to elect candidates who only know how to criticize? Who do not offer proposals with substance so we can judge their viability? Keep America safe. Lower taxes. Stop illegal immigration. Balance the budget. How? If those questions are even answered, is the response realistic? Clichés and platitudes are cheap. Is that what you want to buy?

Sandra W. Myers