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Compressor, pipeline endanger communities

National Fuel Gas representatives have repeatedly told the residents of Pendleton that their expertise in building compressors and pipelines is flawless, “because this is all they do.” They tell the residents of Pendleton we are inexperienced and have no knowledge of their skills and therefore maintain we should believe everything they tell us.

Well, I believe the failure reports I have come across:

Failure: Dec. 21, 2009, Knoll Road, Eden – Rupture rural area. Property damage $84,800.

Failure: Natural gas explosion along New Oregon Road, Boston – Malfunction at natural gas unit forces evacuation of homes in Mercer County. National Fuel Gas said one of the company’s regulatory stations malfunctioned.

Failure: A plume of compressed natural gas shot over the top of houses at the Timberlakes community off of Shawnee Road, Wheatfield. Residents say the station emits loud and jarring blasts of natural gas. A pipeline failure could demolish all the homes around it. There are many more failures too numerous to list.

This proposed 22,000-horsepower compressor station with its increased pipeline will cause potential health hazards to the residents of the small agricultural towns of Pendleton and Wheatfield. The American Medical Association has resolved to support legislation regarding a comprehensive health impact assessment.

The worst part of this story is that this compressor and pipeline, which are slated to be built in Pendleton and Wheatfield, will get the toxic gases and threat of malfunctions, while Canada gets “clean gas.” America, what is wrong with this picture? Or conversely “what is right?”

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulates this program and has the final say whether this project can become reality. We need our legislators to stand up for the citizens of this country by making us a priority by pleading our case to FERC.

Travel to Canada and you will see how they cherish their country’s environment. If situations were reversed, do you think they would pollute their country to send clean gas to America?

Stanley, Anita Bednarz


Electrical workers spread holiday cheer

The members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 237 have outdone themselves again this year in bringing holiday cheer to Schoellkopf Park.

The dazzling holiday lights created and installed by volunteers from Local 237 are the talk of the town along Pine Avenue and a special blessing to residents of our Schoellkopf Health Center, whose rooms and dining areas face the park.

Our special thanks to President David Naus, Business Manager Russell Quarantello and the members of Local 237 for their generous donation of time and effort to brighten our neighborhood and bring holiday joy.

Joseph A. Ruffolo

President and chief executive officer, Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center