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Letters for Dec. 13

Whaley deserves credit for identifying Tyrod

Could a “miracle” possibly be happening? Could Tyrod Taylor be the quarterback that we have been waiting for 15 years? He throws a beautiful deep ball, has very good accuracy, appears cool, calm and collected, can run exceptionally well, and most importantly, exhibits the leadership skills vital to an NFL quarterback.

If this becomes the reality, and he still has a lot of upside based on the few games he has played, then Doug Whaley’s name should be added to the Bills’ Wall of Fame now. In these days of desperate searches for quality quarterbacks by most NFL teams, it is miraculous that Whaley and his scouts were able to identify and pluck him off the Raven team as a free agent without giving up compensation.

Lou Speranza


Bring Pettine back to head the defense

When Cleveland fires Mike Pettine, bring him back to Buffalo as their defensive coordinator. The losses to Jacksonville and Kansas City will be the reasons Buffalo does not make the playoffs.

Whatever the scheme the Bills are using, it’s not working. The players are not being used to the best of their abilities. Lower your ego, Rex, and hire Pettine.

James Furcoat


Fans set substandard – and they’ll drink to it

After watching the YouTube video of Buffalo Bills fans tailgating with drunken abandon one would think that society has sunk to new lows in bad behavior.

But with more government legislatures across America set to legalize “medical marijuana” I can think of no better way to categorize the drunken tailgating as a new form of “medical inebriation.”

The Buffalo Bills fans are way ahead of other areas of the country in setting the standards of a new form of tailgating called “sow-gating” where everyone acts like a pig to alleviate an incurable medical condition called “immaturity.”

Matthew R. Powenski


Bills can do more to honor Ralph

On an otherwise dismal day of watching the Bills against Kansas City, it was nice to see the old AFL patch on the Chiefs’ uniform. To those of you old enough to remember that league, it brought a lot of fond memories. Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt’s initials are inside the logo, and I doubt if the Hunt family would mind at all if the Bills did something similar here.

After all, Ralph Wilson was pretty much a co-founder of the American Football League and it would be a great way to honor his memory.

Michael Panzica


Navy’s Reynolds is the whole package

I am a Naval Academy Graduate who played football, so this opinion is a bit slanted. Bucky Gleason cited the 2014 change in the Heisman selection criteria deleting the athlete who “... best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.” Eliminated from Heisman consideration in the final rounds: Midshipman Keenan Reynolds. Reynolds led his Navy teams for four years of postseason bowls, a College Football Playoff ranking this year as high as 15th, and was always in the top three of Division I rushing weekly. Individually, Reynolds is about become the all-time rushing touchdown scorer in all of college football, and has broken numerous other records at the academy. No, he is not going to be in the NFL in the fall. He will be in the fleet during the most dangerous time - war.

The Heisman? Who cares? It now ranks right up there with the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to a man who had done nothing to deserve it then, and certainly has done nothing since. Frankly, my money is on Midshipman Reynolds and those like him: “excellence with integrity.”

Craig L. Thrasher

East Aurora

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