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Letter: Trump’s bloviating is an embarrassment

Trump’s bloviating is an embarrassment

I am a first-generation American. My parents came to this country because of the way Jewish people were being segregated, tortured and burned. I am lucky and deeply appreciate my parents for the hardships they endured to integrate into a new life in the United States.

We in America accept freedom of speech as a constitutional right, but why does Donald Trump have the audacity to make such cruel, un-American proclamations over and over again? Has he ever been discriminated against, banned or experienced torture?

The media are guilty of allowing him to continue to espouse such disgusting rhetoric against all Muslims. He hasn’t behaved much differently with other minority groups.

His blatant arrogance toward women and many other issues are beyond my comprehension. I question how he remains in the limelight.

Marlene Joseph

East Amherst