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Letter: Can’t we work together to stop tragic killings?

Can’t we work together to stop tragic killings?

This has gone beyond the absurd. How we, as a nation founded on the concept of freedom, tolerate mass killings is beyond me. As a nation we mourn the tragic loss of life again, while the rest of the civilized world questions our collective sanity. How many more lives need to be senselessly lost before we realize that something has to be done? Anything!

Take away everyone’s guns? Give everyone a gun? Unfortunately, the problem is much more deeply rooted than either proposal. I readily admit I don’t have the answers. But I do know one thing; that our ignorance of the issue will only ensure that it will happen again. That much we’ve proven.

Our elected politicians, whether they like it or not, are charged with the responsibility of leading us in finding a solution to this cultural failing of ours. Instead, they all but ignore the matter. About the only thing I’m sure of, barring some sort of lightning bolt epiphany in Washington, is that these tragedies will continue to occur, again and again and again. So, I wait for purposeful change or another mass shooting. Without the former, the latter is assured. Sadly, my bet is on the latter.

Scott Pytlak