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Letter: Add background checks for people on ‘no-fly’ list

Add background checks for people on ‘no-fly’ list

After the most recent mass shooting in California, many people have commented that we should not be allowing people on the government’s “no-fly list” to purchase guns. However, others have said a ban would violate their Second Amendment rights.

Why not conduct a secondary background check on these individuals? Law enforcement agencies need to work together so they all have the most recent group of people on the no-fly list. If a person tries to purchase a gun, he should go to a gun shop where the owner submits a filled-out application, which then produces a background check.

If the person is on the no-fly list, then within 72 hours or three business days, the FBI or ATF would be required to conduct a secondary in-person background check on the individual.

If the individual is mistakenly on the no-fly list, the person can have his name taken off the list and purchase the gun. If, however, that person does raise red flags in the interview, federal authorities then can find out more information about the individual and maybe prevent another tragedy.

Surely, if a person had a second background check and the federal officials thought there was a problem, would anyone in his right mind complain about Second Amendment rights?

Mark Jones