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Vic Carucci’s NFL power rankings after Week 13

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Carolina. Remaining schedule makes 16-0 very doable. (1)

2. Denver. Maybe it’s time to let Brock Osweiler do more than just “manage” games. (2)

3. Cincinnati. Clinching the AFC North could very well be easier than winning in the postseason. (5)

4. Arizona. Dwight Freeney is still a difference-maker. (4)

5. New England. Can anyone on this team catch a football? (3)

6. Green Bay. What do they do for an encore? (6)

7. Seattle. It’s all coming together for Russell Wilson and rest of the offense. (7)

8. Minnesota. Maybe the Vikings should have been kicking rather than throwing. (8)

9. Kansas City. Riding on the inside track to a wild-card playoff berth. (9)

10. Pittsburgh. Divisional showdowns don’t get much better than Steelers vs. Bengals. (10)

11. Buffalo. LeSean McCoy is geared up to give Chip Kelly a “handshake” he’ll never forget. (13)

12. N.Y. Jets. Fitz is right: Jets aren’t good enough to take the Titans, or anyone, lightly. (16)

13. Indianapolis. Can Matt Hasselbeck find anything more in that 40-year-old tank? (11)

14. Houston. As the Bills proved, after you take away J.J. Watt, there isn’t much left. (12)

15. Tampa Bay. With a healthier defense, a Saints sweep is looking realistic. (19)

16. Oakland. By all rights, this team should be on a five-game losing streak. (14)

17. Chicago. After reality check vs. Seahawks, Bears are fighting in their own weight class vs. Redskins. (15)

18. Washington. Struggles to get to the quarterback were costly vs. Cowboys. (17)

19. N.Y. Giants. There isn’t a more banged-up team in the league, but that still might not prevent changes. (18)

20. Miami. Ryan Tannehill is looking less and less like the answer. (22)

21. Atlanta. Can it get any worse for these guys? Absolutely. (20)

22. Philadelphia. Stunning the Patriots was big, but how will they weather Shady’s revenge? (27)

23. Detroit. Having a hard time moving on from Hail Mary nightmare. (23)

24. San Francisco. Blaine Gabbert keeps enhancing his status. (26)

25. Baltimore. That injury list just keeps growing. (21)

26. New Orleans. Brandon Browner = penalty machine. (25)

27. St. Louis. Replacing the offensive coordinator at this stage is putting a Band-Aid on a major wound. (24)

28. Dallas. Yep, at 4-8, that NFC East crown is very much within reach. (30)

29. Tennessee. After running all over the Jaguars, the Titans could be running into a brick wall. (31)

30. Jacksonville. A knockout punch could be coming from the Colts. (29)

31. San Diego. When the GM gets a contract extension and the coach doesn’t, well ... (28)

32. Cleveland. Maybe Johnny Manziel’s real punishment is having him start through the rest of this dumpster fire. (32)

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