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Letter: Fund Jericho Road and its vital services

Fund Jericho Road and its vital services

After reading the article on Jericho Road and the Erie County legislators questioning “the value of services,” I felt the need to correct this terrible misconception. As executive director of the Teaching and Restoring Youth Program up until this past July, I can speak directly to the extraordinary relationship we have forged with Jericho Road/East over the past 16 years. The services offered to our homeless young adolescent girls cannot be counted. Many of the young girls come to us having had no medical checkups or are in need of immediate medical care. Dr. Myron Glick and his nursing staff are always ready to service without question.

Jericho Road is a much-needed service in both the West and East Sides of Buffalo. To question the services of this agency or its value is ignorance. Just check out the line that forms each day outside its doors. Let’s put our money where it’s really needed. Fully fund Jericho Road!

Sr. Janet DiPasquale, SSJ