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Super Handyman: A creative way to store sockets

Storing sockets for your ratchet wrenches all in one place is a smart thing to do. There are several ways to do this, some better than others.

One way that I’ve used is pretty creative. First, you need to find a nut that is the right size for each socket.

Once you have all of these assembled, line them up on a scrap of wood and glue them in place. Now you can set the sockets on the appropriate nuts.

Make note of the sizes right on the wood in front of each socket, too. They will be in order and easy to reach when you need one.

Dear HandyMom: My husband and I made a new log holder for our firewood. We welded it ourselves.

We were going to put it right next to the back door, but the guy who delivered the wood told us to move it away from the house.

He said that rats and other pests like to make homes in the woodpile. He’s seen it many times.

So we moved the rack away from the house. It’s a little less convenient to get the wood, but if we don’t have to worry about pests getting into the house, it will be worth it.

Last week, we did see a skunk near it, so we may have dodged a stinky bullet!

– P.S.

Super Hint

If you are working with plastics and need to make them more pliable for cutting or bending, try using a hair dryer to heat them up enough to make this happen. It’s an easy thing to do and can make working with plastics a lot easier.


Dear Kelly: I spilled some oil on my driveway when servicing my chainsaw. Nothing serious, but a little bit of a mess. I tried to find something absorbent to put on top of it. I saw a bag of ready-to-mix concrete, so I poured that on top of the oil. It soaked it up well and was easy to pick up afterward. It removed all of the oil, so I didn’t have to do anything else. Who knew? Maybe your readers will appreciate knowing about this tip.

– N.V.


Q: Our garage is attached to the house and off the laundry room. There also is a separate entry from the back patio. There is a light switch at the laundry entrance, but not at the other door. How can I add a switch to the other side of the garage?

– L.K.

A: It might sound crazy, but what about “The Clapper”? There also are motion sensors that can be installed on the lamps, and wireless switches. And there’s always the possibility of hiring an electrician to add a switch.

Super HandyMom

A Tip From the Super HandyMom – I used to live in the country and had freezing problems in my kitchen drain. It wasn’t a huge hassle, but more of a nuisance. I found out that you can put salt into your drain, which settles in the “P” trap and will prevent the freezing most of the time.


I don’t like centipedes but the Centipede Sawhorse is a super idea. It looks like one of those pop-up tents or chairs, but it’s a sawhorse. This handy gadget folds up neatly and fits into its own carrying bag so you can store it and move it easily to just about anywhere, making it perfect for working on the remote job site. With a sheet of plywood on top, it can be used as a sawhorse, workbench or table, and it can hold up to 3,000 pounds. To find out more, go to

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