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Letter: Neighbors finally waking up from Scajaquada nightmare

Neighbors finally waking up from Scajaquada nightmare

Eleven years since the New York State Department of Transportation’s Project 5470.22 was revealed, it took human tragedy to bring any real changes to Scajaquada. Yet even that has become a disposable inconvenience for freeway advocates. These advocates are only interested in reducing the time on their daily commute, at the ongoing cost of our parks and neighborhoods.

Are we seriously satisfied with wasting tax dollars on an auto-dependent mandate? The arrogance behind this fallacy has reverberated from the hostility of freeway advocates all the way up to the DOT’s continued reluctance to act upon any calls for change. Our local freeways have stifled our transportation policies, limited our critical thinking skills and have ultimately enslaved our community.

Which brings us to the overlooked client in this case.

Delaware Park is not just another neighborhood park. As the largest in Buffalo, it is a community park. Its legacy will far outlast any freeway that impedes through it. Scajaquada’s ongoing remediation is absolutely mandatory for the safety, serenity and strength of Delaware Park, which will ultimately reflect the integrity of our city.

No resident of Amherst, Depew or Orchard Park commuting to the city would ever tolerate 50 mph traffic zooming, day and night, through their own neighborhood spaces where parents and children gather for recreation. Such is the nightmare that city residents were stuck with for five decades before reality gave them a voice.

Common sense reaffirms that freeways do not belong in parks.

Bradley J. Bethel Jr.