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Rex Ryan on LeSean McCoy, Darby, Eagles' up-tempo offense

Running highlights from Rex Ryan's Wednesday news conference at One Bills Drive.

Opening... Getting ready for Philadelphia, a little different than most teams. This offense, they're trying to go at warp speed so it's hard to simulate on the practice field. We'll try our best to do that. Fact we're playing them there, one positive about it is that we should be able to verbally communicate. They're coming off a huge win against New England. This team really has been special on their special teams --- blocked seven punts last two years. Defensively, they're super active in their front seven. Everybody is athletic and can move. Like the fact we're going to Philly, can get a cheesesteak. Pats and Genos right next to each other, make sure I go to both of them. ... It's a huge game for both teams and certainly is for us.

On when Kelly was going to reinvent offense, his thoughts... Don't think Chip ever said that. ... It is different. Their tempo is different. There's times you can see how effective it can really be --- gets you on your heels, gets you discomb...however you say that. All of a sudden you go three and out and it puts your defense at risk. Good things, bad things to it. They've been effective through the years. They've had one of the top offenses in the league. It definitely has its spot in the NFL. I remember when they said the zone read wouldn't be a factor, well, you see it. Every team has a version of it. I think he's a real progressive coach when you look at some of the things he does, the sleep deals.

On the McCoy trade... At the time, we were sitting back. Went through free agency priorities and we just got the call. Have to be flexible in your thinking. It was a chance for us to add a dynamic player to our team. For us, CJ Spiller, some uncertainty with where he'd go. We knew we needed a back. LeSean is an outstanding player, no debate of that.

On how it has played out... From our perspective, we couldn't be happier. We love him in the building. He has that great energy about him. A great teammate.

On McCoy being more vocal this week... He's up for every game. There's no question about it. He loves to play, loves to compete. Is this game different? I'm sure it is. A lot of teammates there. Grew up in Pennsylvania, college in Pennsylvania, special. Special game for all of us. I had to deal with the same thing to a lesser degree; I didn't grow up there. But I know all of the feelings in going back. For us as a team, it means everything. We know how tough of a job it is.

On what has come together for McCoy... I truly believe it was the hamstring more than anything else. Because you saw in camp, 'Oh my goodness, this guy's going to dominate.' Now, we're seeing the guy he is.

On TE move yesterday... Part of the business. Sometimes, these players need to develop. He's ready to play now. He's been phenomenal. Matt Mulligan a tremendous young man. Been with me several years, two teams but this is the unfortunate part of this business. You can't keep everyone. We wanted to see O'Leary up and he will play this week. I think both (Gragg and O'Leary) will play. There were definitely teams interested in O'Leary and I won't say who. A lot of time this point of the year teams take players off teams' practice squads. Body of work on college tape people were interested. But he has really elevated his play, gotten better and better and learned our system.

On Ronald Darby being the top guy... He'll be ready for it if it is the case. Steph won't practice today. The likelihood of him playing, probably not great. Darby will accept that role. We have another corner with great deal of experience in Leodis McKelvin. ... In my opinion, he's the defensive rookie of the year. No doubt about that. We were playing Kansas City, they had a really good corner who gave up seven touchdowns. Our guy gave up two. It's hard to play corner in this league, there's no doubt about that. I love the fact that he leans on Steph. Look at him. Use another great talent, through the years how he developed, that's a great thing for him. This guy has it in here. It takes a rare individual to go out there on the corner and play as much as man as we do. He's up to that challenge week in and week out.

On Rambo at safety... He's really a guy who studies the game. Does a great job in the classroom and it carries to the field. You see his confidence getting higher and higher --- a lot of it based on preparation. Always had playmaking ability back to Georgia. He's become a better hitter. He is becoming a complete safety. He makes everyone around him better because of how in tune he is. ... I don't know if God blessed him with the athleticism of other safeties in league but he gave him brains and heart.

On his new challenge process... I thought it worked out pretty good. The biggest one to me was the out of bounds by Shady when he made the big run. Had a conversation on that. Would've given us an extra nine yards at a critical time in the game. At the time, was definitely considering. Heard it was out, save the timeout. That play was the one we had the most conversation on.

On speaking to McCoy this week... He's a man. Sometimes, I look at it this way, for our fans to connect with the players, this gives them an opportunity. Why would I say, 'Here's a sentence...' Say what you want.

On Karlos Williams... Karlos won't practice today so we'll see how it goes.

On Bradham testing ankle... Yeah, he's crazy. But that's him. He's wanting to play. That's why you say never say never. I know the hockey players got mad at me but hockey players aren't linebacker-tough.

On Henderson practicing... I hope so, yep, he's practicing.

On read option... It makes it more challenging as a defensive coach, makes you defend 11 on 11. With Tyrod, we have a guy who's an exceptional runner. But the game, I'm getting on Chip for the looking to the sideline... nobody wants to it. You look at them and it's 'Dude, really.' All they're going to do is play quarters anyway. Don't look over there and think you're more important.

On Manny Lawson... Manny probably never thought he'd play inside linebacker in this league. But that's where we're playing him. We're moving him around. Have guys stacked up at that position vs this tempo. His intelligence, his experience, his versatility puts him in there. ... (Said he scored a 43 on Wonderilic) It's one of the highest I've seen.

On needing this intelligence vs this O... We'll match the personnel they go with. Won't substitute. If they do go back in the huddle, we can. That gives you time. Further down the field, you have to be set. Just throwing out a hypothetical.



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