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LeSean McCoy: 'Chip can’t shake (expletive). At all. Nothing'

Chip Kelly insists he tried calling LeSean McCoy after the trade went down, after he sent his starting running back away to the Buffalo Bills.

The trade went public quickly, McCoy found out and then, per the Philadelphia Eagles coach, McCoy didn't take his calls after the fact. At his locker Wednesday, a towel draped around his neck, surrounded by cameras and recorders, McCoy repeated he has nothing to say to Kelly.

Emotions are running high into this reunion.

“I’m not talking to Chip," McCoy said. "We’ve got nothing to talk about. He can’t call me. He can’t shake my hand. There’s nothing he can do with me. He can’t say (expletive) to me, so it’s simple as that. I don’t dislike him. I don’t have anything against him. But there’s nothing for us to talk about. He knows that! He knows me. He knows who I am. He knows how I act. There’s nothing he can tell me.”

McCoy of course is referencing Kelly's comments earlier Wednesday on a conference call that he'd "love" to shake McCoy's hand on Sunday. The two have not spoken in the nine months since the trade.

“Listen, man, Chip can’t shake (expletive). At all. Nothing," McCoy said. "He knows this. That’s why he said it. I know him. He’s very intelligent. I can read between the lines. Like I said, I have nothing against him. No hatred. We’re not enemies. I won’t say anything wrong to him. There’s nothing for us to talk about. At all. There are some people I do want to speak to — the ownership, a lot of different fans out there and a lot of players, a lot of guys I still talk to now.”

The blockbuster trade has panned out for McCoy and the Bills. At 27, McCoy remains on the top backs in the NFL, rushing for 792 yards on 173 carries with three touchdowns. Heading into the season, there might've been worry how much game McCoy had left. Hobbled by a hamstring injury in August and September, he eventually revved back into top form.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, his replacement is reportedly unhappy. DeMarco Murray's role has been diminished on the 5-7 Eagles. McCoy said he always wants to play well against any team but admits, this Sunday, "it wouldn't hurt to have six or seven touchdowns."

His biting, blunt answers Wednesday might sound strange to some: McCoy doesn't want to shake Kelly's hand but also says he doesn't harbor any hatred toward him.

"I'm sure there's people you don't hate that you don't speak to," McCoy said. "I don't see what the big thing is with talking to somebody. We have nothing to talk about. I'm with the Bills, he's with the Eagles. We never had a great relationship, best friends, so there's nothing to talk about it.

"For what? There's no need for that."

Needless to say, it was different when McCoy saw his former head coach Andy Reid in Kansas City. When McCoy saw his first coach in Philadelphia, he "gave him a big slap on the butt." They had that type of relationship. Not so much with Kelly.

McCoy repeated he doesn't want the spotlight to be on himself. Asked if this one is personal, he wouldn't say yes or no because he could always rush for 200 yards in a loss. And the 6-6 Bills are in dire need of another win. McCoy doesn't want to press too hard and miss a block or make a mistake.

There was an initial blast of shock when the trade went down. Complete shock. McCoy has only known the state of Pennsylvania, from high school to college to the pros. Now, he sees this all as the best thing that could've happened in his career.

"I think so," McCoy said. "Coming to a place that really wanted me and appreciated me, that always counts. The coaches and the atmosphere here, it feels good again. It feels like the NFL again."


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