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Chip Kelly: 'I'd love to shake LeSean's hand'

Chip Kelly repeats over and over again he has "no issues" with LeSean McCoy. If the two meet at midfield before or after Sunday's game at Philadelphia, the Eagles coach hopes to chat.


"I'd love to shake LeSean's hand," Kelly said on a conference call here this morning. "I tried to call him after. And I talked to his agent after we traded him. I always wanted to talk to LeSean. Again, I have no issues with LeSean at all. He has a great personality, an infectious personality. I have tremendous respect for LeSean."

OK, but has he had a conversation, at all, with McCoy in the nine months since the Eagles traded McCoy to the Buffalo Bills?

"No. I tried to call him a couple times after the trade and he didn't take my phone call, and I understand that."

And with that, LeSean McCoy Week is off and running at One Bills Drive.

This morning, Kelly discussed the messy divorce between McCoy and the Eagles. As the story goes, McCoy was not happy with how the trade went down. Livid. Completely caught off guard. On Wednesday, Kelly admitted he never had a chance to call McCoy and inform him he was traded.

"The story came out before the trade was official," Kelly said. "I did try to call him and he didn't answer my call because the story was already out."

Kelly referenced the QB swap the Eagles did with the St. Louis Rams - Nick Foles for Sam Bradford - and said that trade was handled much better. Both called their quarterbacks immediately and then the deal was finalized. He's not thrilled that, somehow, the McCoy deal leaked to the public so soon.

"When we had the trade with Buffalo, the trade wasn't finalized," Kelly said. "And then all of a sudden every newspaper report was out there that LeSean was gone and I'm sure he felt bad that I didn't get a chance to call him but the trade wasn't initiated when the story got out. How it was handled wasn't the way it should've been handled. The way we did it with St. Louis is the way it should be and I think Jeff Fisher did a real good job with that."

This week, McCoy wouldn't back off his insinuation that race was a factor in his departure. Asked about this, Kelly repeated he has "no problem with LeSean" and that he thinks "the world of him."

Kelly said the trade had nothing to do with McCoy's ability and he enjoyed coaching him. But the Eagles still poured millions into contracts to DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. And now the Eagles are 5-7, lacking playmakers on offense.

So is Kelly better off with Murray, whose role has diminished, than McCoy at running back?

"I don't even look at it that way because you only talk about who you have on your team," Kelly said. "I've never been a comparison guy. I don't know what you get out of comparing things like that. I think they're both outstanding running backs. LeSean's having a great year. We'll have our hands full defensively.

"I've always believed LeSean is one of the premier backs in this game. It's a tough matchup for us."

We'll have more from Buffalo on the BN Blitz Blog throughout the day.




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