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Letter: State must restore funding for people with disabilities

State must restore funding for people with disabilities

There is currently a severe and urgent need for group homes, staffed by intelligent and compassionate adults willing to care for our loved ones with special needs. Only emergency placements are available, limiting placement to people whose family caregiver is too ill, too old or has passed away. How tragic and upsetting for the person with developmental disabilities! Would you want your children subjected to this experience?

Crisis placements don’t allow people with developmental disabilities sufficient time to transition. It is much more sensible and cost-effective to compassionately provide people with special needs with firm supports to move from their family home to a group home or other appropriate setting. Young adults should be able to make a more natural transition by placement at a time when they’re leaving home for college or becoming independent, rather than experiencing a stressful change that has had little planning, is rushed and inappropriate.

Family members want to assist in this huge transition, see our children with special needs be as independent as possible and achieve success. What we don’t want is to one day not be able to take care of loved ones, and trust their future to emergent residential placement. Please contact your legislators and ask them to consider allocating more funding to aid the thousands of New York State residents living with disabilities and their families as they start the next budget process.

Christine Held