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Letter: Close Thruway entrances during serious accidents

Close Thruway entrances during serious accidents

On Dec. 3, a fatal accident on the Thruway left many motorists idling, some of us for more than two hours, during our commute home. My thoughts and prayers to those involved in the accident. What I don’t understand is why, due to the severity of the accident and the investigation that had to take place, the New York State Department of Transportation did not have a plan in place.

Why weren’t the snow “guards” used to prevent traffic from entering the already congested Thruway? Why didn’t the local police agencies have a car stationed at the entrances of the Thruway to stop traffic from entering? Maybe I am missing something? When the situation warrants, the Buffalo Skyway is closed with police cruisers stationed to prevent entry, a simple solution.

The severity of the accident warranted action by DOT officials. Remember the snowstorm where motorists were stranded for hours? I had hoped we had learned from that experience. Let’s hope we learned from this accident, and that the DOT puts a plan in place.

Mary Munley-May