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Rex Ryan on Gilmore's health, Tyrod Taylor, the run game

Here are the running highlights from Rex Ryan's news conference...

Opening... Took this morning, reviewed the entire game. Offense, defense, special teams. As I mentioned, we had to play our best game in all 3 phases. At moments, we really did a tremendous job. All three phases. You've got a team that can really disrupt the passer, after listening to the media, you thought we were playing the '85 Bears. I don't think we were. They were a good defense. I loved the plan that we had. I think Aaron Kromer has done a tremendous job, all 3 of our offensive line coaches. ... Proud of the way that both sides played. Got a big return and unfortunately got the penalty on the backside of the return. Going against a Hall of Fame type punter and Colton had a better day that he had.

On Gilmore... We'll see how it goes. He did leave with a shoulder. We'll see how he feels. If he can go, we need him out there. He is a tremendous player for us. Same thing with Brooks. ... Don't believe it's season-ending (on Gilmore), you can rule that out.

On McCoy... He can move in a phone booth. Unbelievable moves he can make. And our quarterback can do some of the same things. The young kid from Florida did some good things and hopefully we get Karlos back this week, too. ... Not sure on John Miller returning, hopefully Seantrel can. Nigel, doubtful, but there's a hockey player with the same injury and they said eight weeks for him. But Nigel, we'll see. He's a tough guy now.

On Watkins... He drew double coverage almost the entire game and you see what that does for you in the running game, so we'll take it.

On running the ball... When we're under 30 pass attempts, we're undefeated. That's how we built this team. If we have to pass it every down, that's not the best scenario. QB is fourth rated in NFL, ahead of real good guy. Good sign that we might have the quarterback. Our quarterback No. 1 in the league in the fourth quarter. We want to control the pace of the game with our running game.

On McKelvin in for Gilmore... It's great to have Leodis, he's been aa huge contributor for us since he came back. Fact we have a starting corner who can go in is huge for us. If Steph can't go, Leo will have to step in and we'll be fine with it. He did a really good job. We gave up 60 that last drive, tilted a little bit. Overall performance by defense was really good. Especially in the second half when it was tight there for a while. We kept hanging in there. Manny was all over the place -- OLB, ILB, DE, he was all over the place.

On Rambo's big plays... Absolutely. He's becoming an all-around safety. He's an intelligent guy, too. He could run the show back there. His game has really stepped up.

On if Aaron Williams will return... Aaron won't play this week. Will continue to condition. Won't be on practice field. We like where he's at. Hopefully we can use him at the end of the year. Won't put him out there until he's ready. He won't play this week.

Is it 50/50 on him... Yeah, I'd say that.

On when you know if you have a QB... It's got to be played out. You can't judge it on one game or Ryan Leaf would've been a starter. I think we have a pretty good idea of who he is. You get a pretty good indication and as they get going, I like the fact that he's No. 1 percentage wise in the fourth quarter. That shows the pressure doesn't get to him --- he's a cool customer. ... Have to take the next step, sometimes the playoffs are a difference too.

On if he ever felt this good about a QB as a HC... I feel great about Tyrod, I really do. His teammates see him now as a leader. I think you have to earn that. Every step he's done, he's earned that. It's winning the sprints in conditioning things, it's all adding up. When he speaks up, people listen. ... Two great examples --- wildcat timing, touchdown to Robert Woods. Worked on those again and again. Our team wants to win in the worst way. We feel the responsibility, our guys take pride in everything. We don't want to let the fans down. We're doing everything in our power to get there. We're trying to get into the playoffs.

On if McCoy will be a captain... Why would I say that! I think it's safe to say he won't be a captain.

On if Rob Ryan is in town... I think it'd be obvious if he was. There's probably some truth to that rumor.

More on Watkins... Sammy had a huge impact on this game. It only showed up as three catches but he had a huge impact. Dictated their coverage. Double-covered him. When they didn't, they paid the price.

On Carpenter's misses... Look, we've got a veteran kicker. You know he can kick in the conditions and not everybody can do that. I think obviously, the one kick you can't kick it better than he can kick it. The extra point, we'd like to have it back. We have a great holder, I joke he's the second-best holder I know. Could have a better hold. I think he kicked the laces on that one.

On if he thinks about going for 2... I say no but obviously if there's a gale force wind -- which we're hoping for -- then maybe. But if the conditions are, what they are, we'll kick it. I'm confident in Dan.

On if Henderson is his RT... Yeah, if he's healthy. Yeah.

On the penalties being down... When we're talking about the consistency, we've seen how it affects us. We have to keep harping on it. You saw the penalty, on Brooks, it devastated us. We have to do everything we can... our guys, we are working our tails off to get better at that. We want to be the least penalized on it.




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