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Letter: Trump is merely saying what many are thinking

Trump is merely saying what many are thinking

I have no idea what kind of president Donald Trump would be, but people have to stop dismissing some of the things he says. With what has been going on lately in our world, a lot of the things he has remarked about are starting to make sense.

I believe many people won’t say things so as not to offend anyone and to be politically correct. In my opinion, I think that is what got President Obama elected; people did not want to be considered as racist.

I would be willing to say that many other Republican hopefuls think the same things that Trump does, but are afraid of speaking out for fear of hurting their chances to be elected.

Our country has been steadily going in the wrong direction. It will never be like it once was until people wake up and do some research on who they think will be the best person to get our country back to where it once – “the land of the free” – and then vote. Even I hesitate to go to the polls at times because of the candidates the parties give us to choose from.

John B. Guzzi