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Letter: Keep Westwood green for community’s benefit

Keep Westwood green for community’s benefit

As an organization founded in 1942, the Morningside Home Owners Association is a group of homeowners in which family and community come first. It is a traditional homeowners association that serves to enrich the lives of the residents through family activities with friendly neighbors.

Our organization is located directly beside the former Westwood country club and includes 360 homes. This piece of property is one of the last true large parcels of green space Amherst has left. We applaud the Amherst Town Board for feeling the same way that we do.

A central park of Amherst is a great idea, with the possibility of a family skating area, walking trails, cross-country skiing and a dog park. The list is endless to the recreational activities that could occur on this property. This could be the crown jewel of Amherst and become a true destination in the heart of town.

We have enough office buildings and strip malls. Once this green space is gone, it cannot be replaced. We, as an organization, wish to keep Westwood green.

Nathan Hartrich

President, Morningside Home Owners Association, Williamsville