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Letter: It’s time to close borders and protect Americans

It’s time to close borders and protect Americans

President Obama is supposed to be a constitutional scholar. However, this recent influx of Syrian refugees is alarming at a time of worldwide terrorism and should come to a screeching halt. The president’s main job is, above all, to keep this country and its citizens safe and out of harm’s way. Now is not the time to become humanitarian at the sake of American bloodshed because of radical Islamists and their beliefs.

State after state is now safeguarding its borders from admitting Syrians. This might be unlawful under federal laws, but what is more important – the safety of Americans or the immigration status quo? The United States as a country cannot let its guard down by taking chances to appease religious fanatics, or spending money and time following these individuals around the clock in order to maintain peace of mind.

Despite the past influx of over a quarter million Muslim refugees, including thousands of refugees here in Western New York since 9/11, we cannot let our guard down. We realize that at any time a coalition can unite and infiltrate our soil due to lax security and kill many Americans in our own backyard. This is frightening. Let’s hope Obama will wake up and recover from his asinine ways, including foreign policies and an immigration stance that has brought this administration unwelcome ridicule.

Anthony Hammill