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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Dec. 6

(Last week in parentheses)

1. Carolina. Time for all you doubters to climb aboard the Panthers’ bandwagon. (1)

2. Denver. Brock Osweiler proves he doesn’t have to do a ton; he just has to do enough. (6)

3. New England. Simply not healthy enough to play at the level that got them to 10-0. (2)

4. Arizona. For the record, Bruce Arians still calls the Rams “that team we don’t like.” (3)

5. Cincinnati. Bengals should make it two blowouts in a row in so-called “Battle of Ohio.” (4)

6. Green Bay. Still can’t believe that finish! (7)

7. Seattle. Improved O-line play has turned Seahawks’ season around. (9)

8. Minnesota. Win vs. Seahawks would go a long way toward validating Vikings as a top-level team. (8)

9. Kansas City. Don’t let Alex Smith’s high efficiency fool you. This guy can make the big throws, too. (10)

10. Pittsburgh. Nothing secondary about the big problems Steelers have back there. (5)

11. Indianapolis. Andrew Who? (13)

12. Houston. Call them the Houston Watts, because the four-game win streak is mostly about J.J. (15)

13. Buffalo. Good thing for Sammy Watkins that Bills only have to contend with Texans and not another gloomy day. (11)

14. Oakland. It took the help of a major officiating mistake, but the win counts. (14)

15. Chicago. John Fox is leading a remarkable turnaround. (18)

16. N.Y. Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick is giving the Jets the steady, experienced QB hand they need at this critical juncture. (16)

17. Washington. Kirk Cousins is giving the Redskins some of the more consistent quarterbacking you’ll see in the league. (24)

18. N.Y. Giants. It’s win-or-else time for many of their players/coaches. (12)

19. Tampa Bay. Are Buccaneers simply too young to cope with the stress of a stretch run? (19)

20. Atlanta. It’s never good when you reach the “players-only” meeting stage. (17)

21. Baltimore. Winning on a blocked-field-goal-returned-for-a-touchdown shouldn’t mask Ravens’ many challenges. (28)

22. Miami. Eight yards on eight carries for your two running backs isn’t going to get it done. (21)

23. Detroit. Well, Lions, now you know how the Browns feel. (23)

24. St. Louis. Only nine carries for Todd Gurley? (20)

25. New Orleans. It’s not going to get any better vs. the Panthers. (25)

26. San Francisco. It’s not going to get any better vs. the Bears. (26)

27. Philadelphia. It’s not going to get any better vs. the Patriots – even with all of their injuries. (20)

28. San Diego. It’s not going to get any better vs. the Broncos. (31)

29. Jacksonville. After being shredded by Philip Rivers, Jaguars look for a rebound vs. Marcus Mariota. (22)

30. Dallas. OK, Matt Cassel, it’s all yours again. (29)

31. Tennessee. When you lose 11 in a row there, can your home stadium really be called “home?” (30)

32. Cleveland. As the Lions now know, the Football Gods have a very cruel sense of humor. (32)