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Quotes from UB's 82-59 loss to No. 7-ranked Duke

DURHAM, N.C. -- Quotes from the University at Buffalo's 82-59 loss at No. 7-ranked Duke:

UB coach Nate Oats: "I thought we learned some stuff today, and I do think that we got better in the game. We knew it was going to be hard. . . . We came here for the environment, to see what we could accomplish and to see if we could get better. I do think some of our guys got better. I think it was a big confidence booster for a kid like CJ Massinburg, a freshman to come in here and score 17."

"When we get into MAC play I think these kind of games make you better. I like the fact our guys came in and competed hard for most of the game. Some guys didn’t have as good a games we have to get better. It was good experience for us."

Oats on holding Duke to just 11 offensive rebounds (Duke had 19 vs. Indiana Wednesday):

"I saw Amile Jefferson pretty much blow the game open against Indiana by destroying Indiana on the glass. We made a big deal about boxing him out. . . . I thought our guys did a pretty good job. Emile only had one offensive rebound. I feel like our guys competed tonight.”

Oats on Duke's Brandon Ingram, who had 23 points:

"I’m not an NBA scout but I’ve seen a lot of basketball players in my day and he looks like an NBA player to me. He’s 6-9 with a wing span that goes for ever. He can make threes put it on the floor, post up. I don’t want to say Kevin Durant. He’s probably not that good. But he’s that prototypical guy that’s 6-9 and can do everything. He’s a tough matchup. He’s playing the 3 and we’re trying to guard him with CJ Massinburg and Willie Conner."

Oats on Massinburg, who scored 17: "He's a freshman so he’s a little up and down. He didn’t play great the last game against St. Bonaventure. His parents came up from Dallas. That was the first time they’d seen him live. I don’t know if he was a little jittery with his parents there. They weren’t here tonight. We might have to tell them to watch a lot of games on TV.  He was a lot better tonight than on Wednesday."

On Duke hitting 29 of 36 free throws: "We fouled them a lot on their drives. Some of that’s the size differential. You’re giving up 6, 7 inches at some positions you tend to foul more. I thought defensively we competed and played fairly well even though we gave up 82 points."

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski: “We won a hard-fought game. Hats off to Buffalo and their team. You can tell they are winners. They won last year going to the NCAA Tournament and winning their league. They have tough kids with drive; they just keep coming at you. They wore us out a little bit. This is our ninth game in 23 days. Overall, I have been really proud of my team. We looked tired offensively in the first half. We were chaotic. Grayson made about five drives where he was passing out, with passes that I have not seen before, and I don’t want to see them anymore, either. However Brandon gave us a bit lift and Derek, especially in the second half, was so good. We needed them. We were tired. But we worked ourselves through it. Amile had a workmanlike performance. Grayson in the second half, to get 11 defensive rebounds means that you’re doing something pretty good. So we had kind of a workmanlike performance against a really competitive group at the end of nine games. I am proud of where we’re at.”

UB guard Lamonte Bearden, who had 10 points: "If we move the ball, we can get more open shots. We played hard, and that’s all we can ask for. I didn’t feel like we were rattled. We were excited and ready to play. I felt I could have gotten to the lane a little more if I wasn’t in foul trouble.”

UB's CJ Massinburg: "My thing was I just didn’t want to show any fear. Our coach told us to be fearless, and that’s what I tried to do. I knew Duke was going to be coming for us but if we came for them first they’d see we wouldn’t be intimidated."

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