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State championship lights a spark for alum

Congratulations to South Park on winning the New York Class A football championship. This is an extraordinary accomplishment and has brought pride to the often overlooked Buffalo Public School athletic programs, particularly football. I was a member of the another historic Sparks football team, the 1993 team. We were the first Buffalo Public School ranked No. 1 in the final Large School Poll. Despite our ranking, I don’t think that the 1993 team would have made it as far as this 2015 team. Go Sparks!

Michael B. Krzemien


Turn out the lights, the party’s over

Perhaps the Bills will make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. Then again, probably not. Either way, I am done. Save for two brief instances in the 50-plus years I have been a fan, this franchise has been the poster child for lousy play, miserable drafting, mediocre coaching, and generally bad management.

As I watched the team self-destruct (again) versus a beatable Kansas City, I was haunted by the definition of insanity attributed to Einstein.

That is why I am done. For sure I will continue to follow the team, but I no longer have any hopes or illusions – this bunch might win one more game this year, but I’m not holding my breath. Good luck guys.

George W Radka


Bills’ performance gets bad review

If the Bills season was a play, the final curtain would come down with no encores. Bullies, penalties, coaching challenges, Watkins, no Watkins, poor decision making.

I could go on but why? The season full of hype has just brought another disappointing, disillusioned fan base back to reality. Playoffs? What playoffs?

Paul DiVito


NFL is about adjustments, and Bills didn’t adjust

Once again, false hope falls upon us Bills fans. Let’s start with Sammy Watkins. Watkins was having a career first half against the Chiefs. Does he see the ball again? No. Why? Either the defense takes him out of the game or our offensive coordinator refuses to make the necessary adjustment.

Defense? What defense? Promises, health issues, even the challenges during the game, as a fan we run out of excuses. Another year of heartbreak and disappointment.

Coach, someone told me a tire company and a grocery chain might be hiring.

Bob Zoladz

North Tonawanda

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