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Letter: Trump’s trickery puts P.T. Barnum to shame

Trump’s trickery puts P.T. Barnum to shame

I finally found something that Donald Trump said that I can agree with. In Iowa, during a tirade against fellow Republican Dr. Ben Carson, Trump bloviated: “How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” Bingo. The Donald subliminally revealed his inner psyche by stating the obvious. Who really believes most of the “crap” that Trump regurgitates? “A huge wall with a big door?” That sounds like an episode on “Sesame Street.” “I suppose some of the Mexicans are good people?” Really? “I cherish women.” This guy puts P.T. Barnum to shame.

Another major giveaway from Trump is when he incessantly repeats himself while waving his hands. This is a blatant attempt to delay the conversation because he can’t speak cogently about the real issues that face the country. Then, like any salesman attempting to “close the deal,” The Donald likes to reinforce his vacuous statements by ending with “OK? OK?” Just close your eyes and re-envision the scene from “The Wizard of Oz” when Toto opens the curtain and reveals the hoax. That’s Trump. All curtain. No substance.

James F. McTigue